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I'm Thomas Newin, and who has worked for home improvement since 1993. During this time, I completed many home constructions successfully. It's the reason why my friends call me the home expert. Also, I love to think about new ideas, designs, and arts for a unique home in a creative way.

Lacquer Vs Polyurethane: Top 7 Differences + FAQs

Are you wondering what Polyurethane and Lacquer are? Well, wonder no more because this article clearly unfolds and provides a blueprint on what they are, their differences, their uses, features, types, and their advantages and disadvantages of each. To give a brief idea of what the article “Lacquer vs Polyurethane” will entail, Polyurethane and Lacquer […]

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Top 3 Best Picture Hangers Without Nails (Buying Guide)

Renting homes has been commonplace for many generations in American culture. In fact, in statistics data by, it was stated that 36% of American households are renting homes. That is equivalent to 44.1 million households in 2021. We cannot deny that these temporary homes offer financial benefits and the freedom to move as we desire. […]

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