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Top 7 Best Acorn Picker Uppers (A To Z Buying Guide)

Top 7 Best Acorn Picker Uppers Of 2022 (BUYING GUIDE)

Quick question: What's the best thing about oak trees? Acorns! And what's the worst thing about oak trees? Also acorns! As bright and beautiful the plants may be, they come with a "growing pain." No, I am not talking about the tree's maintenance - I am talking about the fruit they bear.

Acorn trees are found almost everywhere globally, but not many people eat acorns these days. Even though the fruit is edible, you can't eat it straight from the tree. The raw fruit is unbearably bitter, so you have to prep it to make it edible.

But here's the thing: we despise hard work, so we prefer leaving the fruits in the tree rather than picking it. Turns out, even the trees aren't willing to keep the fruit, so they shower them in our lawns at a particular season.

Like every other lawn owner, I would spend hours gathering the acorns and putting them in the bins. Until one day, I found an end to this menace. Apparently, they have these acorn picker-uppers designed specifically for raking your acorns.

Now there is a ton of variety in the market, but I wanted the best one. So I set out on my search and, after three days of scanning the web, shortlisted some decent ones and tried them out.

So here I am composing a post for all my fellow oak-tree owners about the seven best acorn picker uppers. This article also contains the ultimate buying guide, so make sure to check that out as well.

Let's get started!

What Should I Consider When Buying the Best Acorn Picker Uppers?

Acorn picker-uppers allow you to collect the fallen nuts and leaves without causing a strain on your back and knees. The acorn picking market is more diverse than standard rakes; you can now get acorn picker-uppers with wheels and a comfortable handle.

What To Consider Before Purchasing The Perfect Acorn Picker-upper?

Now that we have gone through the seven best acorn picker-uppers, it is time to discuss another important aspect of this article – the buying guide!

Take a look at the following points and acquire the ultimate guide on what to look for when purchasing acorn picker-uppers.

1. Types

The first selection you will have to make when purchasing acorn picker-uppers is the type of tool you want. The acorn picker-upper market is quite diverse. You can find acorn rakes containing different features and designs. Generally, the different types of acorn picker-uppers are classified into five categories:

A. Flexible Wire Basket Roller

Wire basket rollers are the simplest designs you will find in the market.

Wire basket rollers are the simplest designs you will find in the market. They consist of a circular or oval-shaped wire ball attached to a long pole. When you roll these manual wire basket rollers on the grass, the flexible wires widen and capture the acorns inside.

B. Bag-a-nut Roller

No, a bag-a-nut roller does not have anything to do with bags.

No, a bag-a-nut roller does not have anything to do with bags. These rollers have a huge cylinder with spikes and wheels attached to the bottom. You roll the machine on the ground like a lawnmower, and the acorns get stuck in the spiked. These nuts stay stuck in the spikes until they hit an ejection finger attached to the end of the machine.

C. Lawn Sweeper Rollers

As the name suggests, lawn sweeper rollers pick up grass clippings, debris, small twigs and acorns, and pinecones.

As the name suggests, lawn sweeper rollers pick up grass clippings, debris, small twigs and acorns, and pinecones. They have two wheels at the front, which are connected to brushes.

The shaft rotates as you push the sweeper, and the stiff brushes spin as the sweeper moves. The brushes comb through the grass, collecting trash and depositing it in the hopper. When full, you simply detach the hopper, empty it in the bin and attach it back to the lawn sweeper.

D. Paddle Broom

Paddle brooms are acorn picker-uppers that feature stiff plastic brushes spin on a rotating drum.

Paddle brooms are acorn picker-uppers that feature stiff plastic brushes spin on a rotating drum. As you glide the paddle broom in your lawn, the brushes spin and push back any acorns. This way, they accumulate the acorns into a single pile which you can transfer to the bin.

E. Vacuum

These works are similar to regular domestic vacuum cleaners:

These works are similar to regular domestic vacuum cleaners: a suction motor creates vacuum pressure which sucks up your acorns and empties them into a deposit bin attached at the backside.

2. Basket

Another important aspect to consider is the size and material of the basket. The larger the size of the raking basket attached to the pole is, the more acorns it will gather in one shift. Likewise, stainless steel baskets perform better than copper as they prevent the acorns from escaping when rolling against the wind.

3. Pole Strength

Before making a purchase, think about the strength and length of the pole.

Before making a purchase, think about the strength and length of the pole. The ideal acorn picker-upper pole is well-made and robust.

You should avoid using aluminum poles because they rust quickly. Likewise, low-quality plastic poles bend when the collecting bin is full. You should opt for a sturdy wooden or corrosion-resistant metal pole that can withstand the power of back-and-forth movement.

4. Portability

Your acorn picker-upper should be portable and easy to store. If you invest in a heavy machine, you will dread using it to pick the acorns up.

Classical rakes have stable components, but modern picking tools include detachable elements. Unlike traditional rakes, which are rarely disassembled after usage, the various sections of a modern acorn gatherer are easy to transport and clean before storage.

5. Multi-functionality

Multi-functionality is an essential feature to consider if you want to get the best value for your price.

Multi-functionality is an essential feature to consider if you want to get the best value for your price. You should invest in such acorn picker-uppers that offer versatility. Your machine should be able to roll over different diameter objects, including walnuts, acorns, pinecones, tennis, and golf balls.

6. Ease of Use

Another crucial element to consider when buying an acorn picker-upper is the ease of use. A good acorn picker-upper would pick up all the acorns without causing you're the hassle of dragging the machine back and forth.

Similarly, the collection basket attached to your acorn picker-upper should be easy to empty. You shouldn't invest in a machine that requires screwdrivers to detach the bag from the frame and place it back in position.

7. Ease of Maintenance

The last thing you want is to have difficulty in cleaning your cleaners.

The last thing you want is to have difficulty in cleaning your cleaners. You should buy something that requires minimum maintenance. If you use an acorn gatherer with plastic bristles or brushes, you should ensure that they don't require frequent cleaning.

Wire basket rollers are the most low-maintenance acorn picker-uppers, so you should consider investing in them.

8. Price

Lastly, you should always look at the price tag before ordering an acorn picker-upper online. A rake with fixed pieces may be more expensive, but the design with detachable components is less costly and makes storage and maintenance much easier.

Likewise, good-quality metal and wooden poles offer the same durability, but metal ones are more expensive.

Our Top 7 Best Acorn Picker Uppers Review

I have listed the reviews of the seven best acorn picker-uppers that I tried below. Check the products in this list and invest in the best one to keep your garden clean of acorn invasion:

01. Large Nut Wizard

61DigeWOlBL. SL500

Why It Stands Out

The materials used to make this Holt's Nut Wizard Large Picker Upper are the highest quality. It's a lightweight and robust nut gatherer with a polished wooden handle and rust-proof basket. Because this versatile collection basket is made of stainless steel, you may easily collect a variety of fallen nuts and empty them.

Our Experience with It

We found the Large Nut Wizard a perfect tool overall. It has a large round basket that excellently gathers 1 to 4-inch diameter objects.

This miraculous tool makes the tedious bending–over–and–throwing–in–a–bucket job fun. It can fill as much as 50 walnuts and around 40-45 acorns in one shift.

Additionally, the Large Nut Wizard is extremely portable and easy to store. It came in three pieces; the basket, the frame, and the pole. You screw the frame into the pole and mount the basket on the frame – it's that easy!

What We Didn't Like

Since the Large Nut Wizard features a large wire mesh, small-sized items escape the cage. It took a few swipes for the tool to pick sweet gumballs up.

Who Is This Great For

The Large Nut Wizard is the ideal tool for people who want a sturdy manual acorn picker-upper at an affordable price.

What Could be Improved

The manufacturers could replace the handle with something lighter like a PVC pipe.


  • Spring wire head that rolls over and collects fruits and nuts with just a couple of roll
  • Flexible wire head that separates for easy and quick disposal of collected debris
  • Durable construction that can last a long time
  • Suitable for picking up different items like balls, nuts, and fruits that measure 1.25 inches to 4 inches in diameter
  • Portable and easy to maneuver
  • Durable
  • Portable
  • Low-maintenance
  • Covers a large area
  • Not suitable for small acorns

02. ORIENTOOLS Nut Gatherer

41dhuiERkgL. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

The 48-inch ORIENTOOLS Nut Harvester is a versatile nut picker. It can collect acorns, pecans, hickory nuts, and golf and tennis balls. With its long black handle, this medium-sized gatherer transforms a tedious duty into a pleasurable hobby.

Our Experience with It

We found rolling the ORIENTOOLS nut gatherer an enjoyable physical activity. The stainless-steel basket is easy to use and roll around on the ground, making yard cleaning and collecting undesirable nuts or fruits from the trees a breeze.

Emptying the cage is extremely simple. We rolled the oval stainless steel bracket back and forth rapidly with our hands, and all the nuts emptied directly into the bin.

We also tried manually separating the web structure's wires to empty a full load. We were concerned about ruining its shape, but it turned out the stainless steel wires have a high tensile strength that adds to their durability.

What we Didn't Like

The 40.5-inch handle isn't comfortable for tall people.

Who is this Great for

The multifunctional ORIENTOOLS Nut Gatherer is perfect for those who want a moisture-resistant, super-quick, and simple to empty acorn picker-upper.

What Could be Improved

The manufacturers could increase the length of the pole.


  • Quick roll mechanism that effectively collects nuts without having to bend or kneel
  • Easy to roll and maneuver
  • Wire head made of stainless steel
  • Flexible wire head that spreads easily for fast disposal of collected debris
  • Collects items other than nuts like golf balls and fallen fruits
  • Time-saving design
  • Durable construction for long use
  • Powder-coated handle that prevents the rust and corrosion
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to empty
  • Rust-resistant handle
  • Time-saving
  • Some customers complain about the handle breaking after use.

03. Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake

31h5s4uC4fL. SL500

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake is no exception to the rule that hand-driven gardening equipment with creative designs is simple to use. It's a great agricultural tool for people with physical constraints and other gardeners who want to save time and energy for other gardening tasks.

Our Experience with It

We found the Midwest 10036 Aluminum Landscape Rake a time-saving and effective tool. The long rounded teeth of this professional landscape rake give a smooth, non gouging raking action, while the striking edge is ideal for grading.

This long-lasting and high-quality rake is made of tough, robust materials that assure a long-lasting rake. Moreover, it has a portable design handle that makes transporting and storing the units easy.

Additionally, the product features a strong wrap-around bracing and heavy-duty double-rib design, which provides head stability. It effortlessly gathers fallen acorns in one place, which we put into the dustbin afterward.

What We Didn't Like

The Midwest 10036 isn't the most versatile picker-upper; it is quite flimsy when raking heavier objects like apples.

Who this is Great for

It is great for people wanting to save themselves the trouble of purchasing costly equipment to clean their yards.

What Could be Improved

The designers can improve the ergonomics of the Midwest landscape rake.


  • Features long and rounded teeth for smooth and efficient raking
  • Designed with a solid aluminum plug in the head for a secure connection with the handle
  • Covers a large area with its wide rake head
  • Heavy-duty construction ideal for labor-intensive tasks
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Long handles that prevent too much bending
  • Sturdy construction
  • Great length
  • Lightweight
  • Difficult assembly

04. Bully Tools 92309 Bow Rake

41MVFnrF2NL. SL500

Why it Stands Out to Us

Primarily used for rapidly and efficiently collecting troublesome acorns, the Bully Tools 92309 Bow Rake allows you to pick up various objects without bending or kneeling. It has a portable design handle that makes it easy to transport and store the units.

Our Experience with It

Our first impression of the Bully Tools 92309 was that it is a well-made, heavy-duty rake, not the lightweight gardening tools you frequently see in hardware and home improvement stores. It's made of tough, robust materials that assure a long-lasting rake.

Moreover, the rake's prongs are at a fantastic angle, and the space between them is ideal. The tines are significantly thicker and more durable than those on a standard leaf rake.

The rake seems pretty heavy, but its fiberglass handle is quite lightweight. Additionally, the width makes it easy to rake a larger area in a smaller time frame.

What we Didn't Like

The Bully Tools 92309 isn't the perfect size for people under 5'10".

Who is this Great for

It is ideal for people looking for a durable acorn picker-upper without spending a lot.

What Could be Improved

The designers could make the product available in longer sizes.


  • Made with extra-thick and commercial-grade steel to ensure long term use
  • Features a durable head made with rust-resistant steel and a strong fiberglass handle
  • Easy to handle and use
  • Suitable for heavy-duty tasks
  • Doesn't require any fuel or machine attachments
  • Wide rake head that can cover a wide area in just one pass
  • Suitable for labor-intensive tasks
  • Durable
  • Fiberglass handle
  • Commercial-grade steel construction
  • Not suitable for people over 5'10"

05. Bag-a-Nut Small Acorn Harvester

41PzJUom5kL. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Bag-A-Nut Acorn Picker Upper is a better heavy-duty nut-gathering tool that makes dealing with the scattered acorns much easier. Bonus point: it comes with an attractive design.

Our Experience with It

Unlike other nut-gathering gadgets with stainless-steel rollers, this equipment has numerous wheels that can roll over your garden's muddy and rocky ground.

The Bag-a-nut small acorn harvester features one of the largest collection baskets available on the market. Its 18-inch Acorn Picker Upper ensures quick nut collection during harvest season.

This nut picker can withstand the effects of hard weather during the fall and winter seasons. The roller's components are not prone to corrosion because it is constructed of plastic, and it is simple to clean with warm soapy water.

What we Didn't Like

The only thing we didn't like was that the Bag-a-Nut doesn't come with a dumper tool for easy dumping.

Who is this Great for

It is great for people who want to execute in 2 hours the task that manual picker-uppers take 5 hours to complete.

What Could be Improved

The manufacturers can equip the machine with a dumping tool for easy emptying.


  • Fit to collect acorns and other objects that measure 1/4 inch to 1 inch in diameter
  • Eliminates the need to bend or kneel to pick up garden debris
  • Easy to maneuver and use around the yard
  • Clears 18" wide path with a single pass
  • Effectively collects acorns and neatly deposits them in the wastebasket
  • Simple push operation and doesn't require any machine attachments or fuel
  • Features a no-rust aluminum handle and UV stabilized plastic
  • Simple push operation
  • Durable
  • Innovative design
  • Not suitable for uneven land

06. Matika SW400MP Paddle Sweep

Why it Stands Out to Us

Gardening for lengthy periods can cause joint and muscular pain because of bending and kneeling. But picking acorns is a whole new game with the Matika SW400MP.

Our Experience with It

Let's talk about the design first: the Matika SW400MP Paddle Sweep is a chic black sturdy design capable of removing peddles, sand, leaves, and of course, acorns. It can also easily pick up pecans, walnuts, and twigs.

Unlike other nut-gathering gadgets, this equipment does not have wheels; it has a large cylindrical sweeping surface with rubber paddles and a debris shield to prevent anything escaping from the other end.

With a back-and-force motion, we could move this roller smoothly regardless of the topography of our soil. It also saved us the time and work that comes with picking up nuts.

What we Didn't Like

The Matika SW400MP is a heavy machine; this feature hinders its portability.

Who is this Great for

It is the best acorn picker-upper for people willing to make a one-time investment in an efficient product.

What Could be Improved

The machine didn't work well on wet mud, so there could be an improvement.


  • Removes many types of debris like pebbles, sand, leaves, and other small garden debris
  • Suitable for clearing away water and light snow from concrete surfaces
  • Features a wide sweeping surface of 23-1/4"
  • Equipped with 12 strong rubber paddles for efficient cleaning
  • Steel drive shaft that reduces vibration
  • Removable debris shield for easy cleaning
  • Lever style system for easy installation
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Perfect for sweeping acorns
  • Sturdy construction
  • Low maintenance
  • No vibration
  • Heavier than most acorn picker-uppers
  • Not suitable for uneven land

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07. Agri-Fab 45-0218 Push Lawn Sweeper

51CHRm MaKL. SL500

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Agri-Fab is a wonderfully made piece of equipment that feels extremely substantial and will give you long-term service. The bushings, for example, are made of high-quality bronze, which helps to give the durability that a lawn sweeper requires.

Our Experience with It

We liked the sturdy and rugged brushes on the lawn sweeper brushes; they are highly excellent at cleaning practically any form of trash.

Unlike push lawn sweepers, the Agri-Fab does not tire you out because the tractor provides all the energy required to operate it. As a result, it is an efficient solution for seniors or anyone suffering from joint pain, as it delivers a hassle-free and simple operation.

Moreover, the Agri-Fan is a highly adaptable lawn sweeper with a revolutionary offset button that allows us to offset the lawn sweeper to the side or center effortlessly.

What we Didn't Like

The catcher bag is the size of a standard brown trash bag, so it fills up quickly.

Who is this Great for

It is ideal for people who demand a single-handed dumping mechanism from their acorn picker-uppers.

What Could be Improved

The capacity catcher bag could be increased to dump more twigs and nuts.


  • 7 cu. ft. high capacity hopper bag
  • Collapsible hopper bag for easy storage and portability
  • Height adjustment feature to change height level according to comfort
  • Easy push operation
  • Suitable for picking up a variety of lawn debris like leaves and lawn clippings
  • 26" sweeper width clears a large area in one pass
  • Easy empty hopper bag
  • Easy to assemble
  • One-hand dumping
  • Adjustable
  • Versatile design
  • Less catcher bag capacity

FAQs Regarding Acorn Picker Uppers

FAQs Regarding Acorn Picker Uppers

Now that we are proceeding towards the ending of this article, you must have some queries regarding acorn picker-uppers. We promised you a complete guide on the best acorn picker-uppers, so here it is! I have answered some of the most regularly asked questions regarding acorn gatherers below to save you the hassle of typing them and waiting for an answer:

Q. What happens if you don't rake acorns?

What happens if you don't rake acorns?

A: We get this question quite often. Since raking acorns is a time-consuming process, most people let them be. However, they are several downsides to letting your acorns lie on the ground.

They Destroy Grass

Firstly, they destroy the grass. When acorns are left on the grass for an extended time, they block the sun from reaching the surface. The grass will eventually die as a result of this.

They are a Food Source for Pets

Squirrels, mice, and chipmunks crave acorns.

Squirrels, mice, and chipmunks crave acorns. These little fellows can get into your house, chew through the sidings, nibble the electrical wiring, and cause structural damage.

Acorns Grow Into Saplings that are Difficult to Remove

Furthermore, they will grow unwanted seedlings in your garden. Because acorns are seedlings, they will germinate and shoot seedlings if left on the ground. You don't want these seeds to sprout in your garden because they'll simply make your task ten times harder.

They Look Unpleasant

To avoid these undesired problems in your garden and keep it looking nice and clean, you must regularly remove acorns from your lawn.

Lastly, they look unpleasant. Look at it this way: why do you rake fallen leaves in the fall season? Because they look unappealing and scatter to make an even bigger mess!

To avoid these undesired problems in your garden and keep it looking nice and clean, you must regularly remove acorns from your lawn.

Q. Why should I use acorn pickers instead of using my hands?

Why should I use acorn pickers instead of using my hands?

A: There are several reasons explaining why you should use acorn pickers instead of your hands. Firstly, picking acorns using your hands is hard work, and we prefer smart work over it, not to forget it is also time-consuming. Garden equipment is specifically designed to do the same job quickly and with minimal effort.

Secondly, bending over for a long period can cause a strain on your back muscles. Some people like to sit in a squat position while picking acorns which might sprain the joints. These pains and injuries don't go away that easily; believe me, I speak from experience!

Q. What is the best way to pick up acorns?

What is the best way to pick up acorns?

A: There is no one way to pick up acorns from your lawn. Various techniques and instruments help you clear your garden of fruits, and all of them are equally helpful.

Do It Yourself

Didn't think this was an option? Well, it is! The most straightforward way of picking up acorns is doing it yourself. You can get help from various tools and gardening equipment. The seven best acorn picker-uppers, for example, are exceptional at getting rid of the scattered nuts.

Use an Acorn Rake

Acorn rakes are a great way to pick up acorns manually. They also have a plus side: you can get an evening stroll while cleaning your garden simultaneously.

Use a Lawn Vacuum

Lawn vacuums are a great automatic means of removing acorns from your lawn. However, you will have to ensure that the nuts don't get stuck in the nozzle.

Use a Power Sweeper

Power sweepers are like paddle brooms, only automatic! They're best for cleaning hard surfaces like sidewalks and driveways, but they can also be used to get rid of acorns in the garden. A power sweeper will simply push the acorns to one side, allowing you to collect and dispose of them.

Hire a Professional

If you don't find any methods feasible, you can simply hire a professional. You won't have to arrange anything, not even the equipment – the trained yard cleaners will get rid of all the acorns in no time.

Some people might prefer picking the acorns up themselves, while others may consider it a hassle and hire professional help. So, which method is best depends upon your personal preference.

Q: Which is the fastest way to pick up acorns?

Which is the fastest way to pick up acorns?

A: Again, this depends upon personal preference. Some people consider hiring professionals the fastest way because, well, you don't have to spend a minute in the garden picking acorns.

However, using a power sweeper or an acorn picker-upper is an efficient way to free your lawn from the acorns.

Q: What doesn't work well to pick up acorns?

What doesn't work well to pick up acorns?

A: Just like you can't cook food in a refrigerator even though it is kitchen equipment, you can't use several gardening equipments to pick up acorns. Some of the equipment that doesn't work well with picking up acorns include:

Traditional Rake

Leaf rakes have a lightweight comb that might bend and even break while raking acorns.

Leaf Vacuum

Leaf vacuums have a small nozzle, and acorns can get stuck inside them, making them unsuitable for picking up acorns.

Leaf Blowers

Leaf blowers work similarly to power sweepers. The only difference is that they usually have a low-power motor which might be insufficient to blow the acorns.

Lawn Mowers

Lawnmowers are an extremely unsuitable option for picking up acorns. Considering they are designed to cut thin grass, the nuts might break the blades destroying the machine.


Picking up acorns is more important than you think. If you are someone who lets the nuts sit until they stink, you might want to reconsider because these majestic fruits are poisonous for dogs and various other animals.

That said, you shouldn't start hand-picking the acorns like the hand-picked organic apples in your jams. You can go through our list of the top 7 best acorn picker-uppers and invest in one that best suits your needs.

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