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7 Best Fans for Garage Gym

Top 7 Best Fans for Garage Gym Of 2022 (BUYING GUIDE)

The government shutdowns attempting to slow the spread of the coronavirus from China have accelerated the trend of working out at home rather than the gym.

It led many people to invest in workout equipment and set up a garage gym. Unfortunately, all the smells that were in your garage still linger, and now you’re adding sweat to the mix.

7 Best Fans for Garage Gym

Garages don’t have the same ventilation as indoor gyms, either, only compounding matters. This is why you should invest in a fan for your garage gym.

We’re going to list the 7 best fans for garage gyms. We’re also going to provide advice on how to find the best fans for garage gym use.

Top 7 Best Fans for Garage Gym

01. Lasko Brand High-Velocity X-Blower Utility Fan


This utility fan was designed for ventilating workshops doing light painting and sanding work. It will help keep workspaces cool and dry since it is made to facilitate moisture removal.


That makes it ideal for the garage or the gym – and you’ve got a garage gym. It has three velocity fans to maximize airflow, keeping things cool and dry.

And if one fan dies, the other two keep going. It is also portable and can be set to blow in any direction. Now you can keep the airflow on you when you’re on the bench press 

or just want to remove the odor from the laundry hamper. Or let it work as a dryer, drying off carpets that got wet or towels you want to reuse sooner rather than later.

It comes fully assembled, which saves you time. It is unusual for having a 120-volt accessory outlet and 2 USB ports. That lets you power a single small AC device or two smartphones from the industrial fan outlet.

The small, compact design means it can fit in places where box fans cannot. The blue color is intended to improve the visibility of the fan, so you don’t trip on it while walking around the garage.


It is as loud as other industrial fans. The motor can make an incredible amount of noise when it is going bad.

It is listed as an industrial fan, but it is only moderately strong. You have to have it on full to get the same effect as a mid-level industrial fan.


  • 3 fan speeds allow you to choose a wind level according to your comfort
  • Effectively circulates and exhausts stuffy air
  • Lightweight and highly portable perfect to use all around the house
  • Features 6 position design so you can direct the air to where you need it the most
  • 2 USB ports to provide a power source for other devices


  • Comes fully assembled
  • Compact
  • Can plug other devices into it


  • Loud
  • Not as strong as an industrial fan

02. Vornado Model 293 Heavy Duty Air Circulator Fan

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Vornado makes a variety of vortex-generating fans. That results in a directed breeze that travels a long way, given the size of the fan.

The company often offers its fans in discounted sets, but we’re recommending just the model 293 vortex fan. It is a durable, rugged, portable worksite fan. 


It meets OSHA safety standards, so it is perfect for the garage. The bright yellow color is an extension of that set of safety standards so that you don’t trip on it while walking across the work site. It has three speeds.

In every case, it pushes a jet of air that can improve air circulation in an enclosed space. You’ll feel a strong blast at 20 feet. You probably won’t feel a breeze at 120 feet, though the manufacturer says you would. It is highly portable.

The non-slip base is perfect for the portable fan you can pick up via the carry handle. And it weighs just twelve pounds.

At 14 inches across, it won’t take up a lot of space, either. And you can remove the cover to clean it. The motor itself resists dust, almost sealed to outside contaminants. That makes sense since it was made to run in workshops full of dust and debris.


It requires some assembly. It sometimes ships without the necessary hardware. While it is supposed to be adjustable over a nearly 180-degree range, the fan may break if you point it down too far.

The screws to let you lock it at a given angle are somewhat loose, too. This means that the fan may slide down even though you pointed it so it gives you a cool blast of air while working out.


  • Equipped with a grab-and-go handle that allows you to carry this fan easily
  • A stable steel base with nonslip feet allows the fan to stand on its own
  • Pivoting head that directs airflow to where you need it
  • 3-speed settings that you can adjust according to your comfort
  • Moves air up to 100 feet
  • Sports a high-impact case and a 10-foot power cord


  • High airflow
  • Can be pointed in a given direction


  • Mediocre quality
  • Requires some assembly

03. XPOWER Model FC-300 Professional Fan


This is a heavy-duty shop fan. At 18 inches across, it is somewhat larger than the first two fans on our list. It has a rugged rack and a durable body.


One point in favor of this fan is the full 360-degree airflow. You can flip it or point it vertically. It has a whopping 2100 cubic feet per minute of airflow.

It may generate more airflow than the Vornado, especially at a distance. It is more energy efficient than average, too.  However, the airflow will be felt at 25 feet, not 125 feet. (They advertise it as having a 170-foot reach.) 


It isn’t loud, though it can start to squeak after a few months of use. The motor will make louder noises before it fails.

The good news is that it has a timer. The bad news is that the timer is prone to failure, and you can’t replace it when it dies.


  • Equipped with a high torque motor for powerful air circulation
  • 360 degrees multidirectional airflow that provides whole room circulation
  • Sports a durable stand for stability
  • Features a unique spiral grill and deep-pitched blade design that moves air up to 170 feet
  • Powerful 4 speeds settings let you choose the wind level according to your comfort


  • Full 360-degree rotation
  • Good airflow


  • Timer problems

04. Lasko Brand 20″ High-Velocity Quick Mount Fan


This is a basic metal fan by Lasko. At 24 inches across, it can cover a broad area with cooling air. You can pivot it over roughly 120 degrees. It isn’t reversible.


One point in its favor is that you can mount it almost anywhere. It can sit on the floor, hang on the wall, or be mounted on the ceiling.

The rugged metal cage protects the fan from debris without interfering with airflow. Unlike cheaper fans, it won’t rust. It is fairly loud, but it doesn’t rattle.

The motor isn’t sealed, so that may whine if it starts to clog with debris. Don’t use it in an area full of wood dust or oil fumes. It requires some assembly, no matter how you’re going to mount it.

Fortunately, you don’t need tools to do that.


It is not a high-velocity fan. If you need to clear out industrial fumes for your literal safety, this fan is not for you. If you’re working out in an enclosed space that also has heavy fumes or limited airflow, this fan probably isn’t good enough.

The company says it has three different levels of airflow, but they are hardly different from each other. In short, setting it from low to high won’t ventilate your space.


  • 3 speeds settings perfect for garage, shop, and any large indoor space
  • Pivoting head that directs airflow in any direction
  • Converts from a floor fan to a wall fan
  • Features a metal fan case and durable stand with rubber pads
  • No tools are required for assembly
  • 20″ metal blades produce powerful airflow


  • Can mount anywhere
  • Good overall value


  • Lower airflow than advertised

05. B-Air Brand FIRTANA-20X High-Velocity Fan


The 20X in the model name refers to the large, 20-inch fan face. This results in a large coverage area when the fan is pointed in one direction.


For example, it will keep all of you cool when you point it at the workout station instead of just keeping your face or legs cool. This is a basic, high-capacity fan. 

Note that we don’t say high velocity. There are other fans that have a higher CFM (cubic foot per minute) rating. 

This fan is a good overall value. It has a low price, and it has good performance. It is tilted adjustable but not reversible. It is somewhat portable. It is lightweight, and it has a carry handle on the back. 

In theory, you can hang it from a hook on the wall, too, though we don’t recommend that.


The motor is not heavy-duty. It shouldn’t be used in an area with a lot of wood dust or oil fumes. The bearing may go out after a few months of heavy use, too.

The company says it is UL rated, but the fan may smoke when the motor goes out.


  • Designed with 3-speed settings allowing you to adjust air level according to your liking
  • Tilt-adjustable to adjust the airflow direction easily
  • Portable handle for easy transport around the house
  • Suitable to use as a floor fan or wall fan
  • All metal heavy-duty housing that is built to last for a long time


  • Large fan face


  • May only last a few months

06. Maxx Air Brand 24-Inch High-Velocity Drum Fan

This is a true industrial-grade fan, and it includes a large fan face. (It is 24 inches across with the fan blades, 26-30 if you included the protective drum shell.)

This is the best garage gym fan if your goal is to combine coverage with power.


It has a tilting head, and at 180 degrees, you can argue it is tiltable.  However, it isn’t what we’d call fully reversible. It is OSHA-compliant because it is made for work sites. 

The grill won’t pull in debris. The electrical cables and wiring are as safe as they can be. For example, the power cords are grounded as well as thickly shielded.

On the other hand, the metal frame is not as strong as you’d expect. It may become bent if dropped. It is easy to unbox.

You don’t have to do anything except add the wheels if you want them on the fan to make it more portable. The power cord is roughly ten feet long.


It has two speeds, high and low. The downside is that high speed is slower than the standard speed on some of the other industrial fans on our list.


  • Sports a powder-coated steel construction
  • 180-degree tilt capability lets you choose the perfect direction of airflow
  • 2-speed settings to customize airflow according to comfort
  • Equipped with premium motors that deliver industrial-grade performance
  • Suitable for any areas that require powerful air such as garages, barns, patios, and others
  • Features OSHA-compliant grills for maximum safety


  • Safe to use in a garage
  • Large face


  • Surprisingly low airflow

07. Hurricane Model HGC736476 Floor Fan 20 Inch

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This is a classic black fan. It has a large 20-inch fan face. It has a basic metal wire support frame and a fan blade cover. This maximizes air flow and keeps the fan light.


It weighs less than four pounds. It also makes this fan affordable. This fan provides excellent ventilation. It moves 4500 CFM at the fastest setting, though the manufacturer advertises it as having 5000 plus CFM. 

The motor itself spins at 1400 RPM. This is a fan designed to sit on the floor. The manufacturer makes a different version designed to be wall-mounted. 

Do not buy this expecting to mount it to the ceiling; we explained a different garage fan that lets you choose where you mount it. You can tilt it at a variety of angles, though it is not reversible.


The power cord is only five feet long. The motor is prone to getting hot if it runs on the highest speed setting for a long period of time.

Then you have to figure out how to turn it off so it can cool down before you can move it. That is separate from the fact that the motor housing is not enclosed, so the problem will get worse if it is in a dusty environment.


  • Helps ventilate fumes and stagnant air in wide areas like greenhouses, gyms, and more
  • Constructed with an all-metal casing and aluminum fan blades
  • Equipped with powder-coated tube base with rubber to avoid slipping
  • 3 speeds settings allow you to customize airflow
  • Tilt-adjustable head lets you change air direction conveniently
  • Built-in handle for portability


  • Incredible air movement given its size


  • Short power cord
  • The motor and fan can get hot

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I cool my garage gym?

What is the best fan for a garage gym?

Garages are made to protect cars from the elements. That’s why they rarely have air conditioning. They may trap heat, too. If you want to work out in the garage, you’re going to need to increase the ventilation.

While opening the garage door may allow for more airflow, that may not be enough to vent chemical fumes from paint and oil cans sitting in the corners. And it won’t keep you cool if you’re working up a sweat.

The solution is to direct a strong airflow from an industrial fan at you. Consider having a second fan that blows the hot air away from you and out of the garage. 

This has the side benefit of minimizing fumes and humidity in the garage that can harm both you and the things stored in the garage.

Can I turn my garage into a gym?

Can I turn my garage into a gym?

This process may start with clearing out the clutter. You need a space large enough for the workout equipment and a workable space around the workout equipment.

For example, putting your weight rack in the garage but not having enough space to comfortably lift weights means you’ve just stored your weights in the garage.

We’d recommend having seats or benches with enough space to comfortably walk around them while carrying gear. We suggest having at least one strong fan to keep the space properly ventilated. This should be an industry fan, not a small room fan.

How much space do I need for a garage gym?

How much space do I need for a garage gym?

The answer to this will depend on the equipment you have. In every case, you need enough space to work with the equipment and have adequate space for a spotter, if you have one.

For example, someone with a bench press needs enough space to easily walk around the bench and have enough room for the spotter to move freely. There must be enough space around equipment so that one activity doesn’t interfere with the other.

For example, you shouldn’t be trying to avoid hitting your stationary bike while lifting weights. If you’re going to do general calisthenics or jump rope in the middle of the garage, you should never be close to touching the equipment.

However, your garage has limited space. Determine what you want to do in that space, and design the layout of the workout equipment accordingly. You may have to pick and choose. Never block windows, doorways, and any escape routes.

Final Verdict

The best fans for garage gym use will provide the airflow you need and fit in the space you have. The ideal fan for garage gyms is easy to use out of the box and can be used in a variety of ways, not just helping you air out the garage so it doesn’t smell like both a garage and a poorly ventilated gym.

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