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9 Best Marine Sealants (REVIEWED AND GUIDED)

9 Best Marine Sealants Of 2022 (Top Choices + Buying Guide)

Imagine this, once in a blissful morning, you wake up in a cheerful mood. You have a mighty fine breakfast and decide to take your boat out for a ride. It’s a beautiful sunny day to go fishing, and the lake water is looking crystal clear. But, wait, the sides of your boat look a little chipped; that’s a bummer!

9 Best Marine Sealants (REVIEWED AND GUIDED)

Don’t worry; there’s nothing that some good marine sealant can’t fix! But don’t just go for any sealant; go for the best marine sealant. And where can you find those?

Right here, in my review of the best ones, and this article will guide you 360 degrees on the topic.



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Our Top 9 Best Marine Sealants Review

Here are the 9 best names in the market that had gained praise and public trust for their performance.

01. Gorilla Clear 100 Percent Silicone Sealant Caulk


What’s that? You’re looking for a marine sealant that dries crystal clear? Well, you came to the right place because now I’m going to describe one that does just what you’re looking for. Gorilla clear has the grip of an actual gorilla while used and dries clear as it’s described in the very name.

An Amazing Feature

Another amazing feature of this is that sometimes when sealants come in contact with water and dry off, the continuation of this circle results in the surface growing mildew and other gross things.

With Gorilla, there is no chance of that happening. This stuff is mildew and mold-resistant.

Worried about leaking water? 

Don’t be if you chose to use this. This sealant is one hundred percent waterproof. You can go for a worry-free ride if you decide to put your trust in Gorilla Clear sealant.

0.16 ounces of product is ready to use fresh out of the tube. Just twist the top, squeeze and use! Yep, it’s that simple.

And you can even use this in regular household fixes like tile cracks, sinkholes, gutters, and so much more!


  • Water-proof that ensures zero leakage
  • Mold and mildew-proof, so the fear of germs and bacteria are eliminated
  • Dries clear, and that gives a great-looking finish
  • 100% silicone made that ensures no gross yellow tint even after years
  • Very strong an adhesive

02. 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant 5200


Are you searching for a professional-grade marine sealant? This is it! 3M has been a favorite companion in a pro’s toolbox. And it’s totally justified too, wondering why? Here are some reasons.

No matter where you intend to use this – below or above water, it will amaze you with its outstanding performance.

Strong Adhesion Power

The adhesion power is very strong. It’s so strong that no matter where you use it, the seal is permanent! But a word of caution! It doesn’t work with broken relationships. Lol!

Don’t limit this beast’s capabilities and only think about sealing things. You can be creative and use this as glue too. Go ahead and glue that broken lamp you were trying to fix. Or glue that broken chair leg, and voila! New furniture.

Don’t worry; the leg won’t come off; it is super strong.

Cracking Issue

Sometimes with this kind of adhesive, there is a problem of cracking as it goes dry. That’s not an issue with 3M. It is flexible and, in a word, a pure genius.

Structural movement and vibration won’t be something that you have to pay any heed to if you go with 3M.


  • No saltwater damages will occur with this one
  • Waterproof, so you will have complete safety
  • Permanent sealing makes it long-lasting
  • Polyurethane polymer is used, so it’s very durable
  • Peeling or cracking won’t happen as it’s mendable

03. Shoreline Marine GOOP


Don’t give up on riding your boat yet just because you find a new hole every month. Do you know what you need? You need the best marine adhesive sealant. And Shoreline Marine Goop can be that for you.

Shoreline offers you excellent UV protection, which is necessary if you go for a ride in the blazing hot sun. It can be damaging to some sealants.

Harsh Weather Friendly 

This is made to withstand any harsh weather. The bond is so strong that strong wind or crashing waves won’t be a problem anymore. It claims to be the most powerful single-component adhesive on the market.

Once sealed with Shoreline Marine goop, those things are staying there in their place forever! Its long-lasting gluing capabilities are worth your time.

Flexible Rather

It does not dry all crusty so a slight bend in the wrong direction would break the bond into pieces. Rather it’s very flexible. So, you can easily use it for any curves and crevasses for maximum benefits.

Glue down glass, ceramic, metal, fabric, or wood – Shoreline will make it happen. To top it all off, it even dries clear. This is what I call a true all-rounder—a round of applause for the Shoreline.


  • Works with several surfaces
  • Silicone made that ensures flexibility and no breakage
  • Good for boats that sail in seawater
  • Dries off clear, which preserver a pristine look
  • Offers UV protection, which makes it long-lasting

04. Amazing GOOP 170011


I have to give it to myself. All this research work did really lead me to some amazing products. For example, this one, Amazing Goop. Haha, get it?

This underwater sealant is something that can turn carbon into diamonds. Well, maybe not exactly that, but if you have tears in your leather seats or broken canopies, those can be fixed seamlessly. This is like a magic goop. One touch of it makes things brand new!

Great for Leather Made Stuff

It especially works great with leather-made stuff. Have an amazing pair of boots? But cannot wear it because it’s scuffed? Try using amazing goop, it will give you amazing results too.

Amazing Goop repairs broke windshields like it never happened in the first place. So, if you want to repair the broken windshield of a boat or your car, you can now.

Water Hoses

Also, hoses can be fixed so that you can water your garden in peace. Why buy new things when you have perfectly good stuff in need of a little bit of care? Do not waste money.

Just buy some of these Amazing Goops and repair things that are still usable. And yes, it dries crystal clear with no yellow tint. To me, that is a selling point.


  • Can be used in tight spaces, which is useful
  • A lot of material is fixable with this, e.g., leather tear
  • Withstands salt water without damage
  • Clear after it dries, so looks good
  • Works well with the glass

05. 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant

Another 3M product is on the list. 3M is a veteran in this category, so it was really expected. This one is different from the one mentioned previously. It has the special power of drying fast as a lightning bolt.

This 3M adhesive can be called one of the best underwater sealants. It gives you permanent bonding like no other. Use it as you please—above or below the waterline—3M couldn’t care less because it will work flawlessly in both cases.

Unlike many other sealants in the market, 

this one dries super fast. A typical one would take about a week, but this sealant is tack free in half a day and completely usable in 48 hours. How cool is that?

Strong polyurethane polymer goes into the making of this baby so that it provides you with durable bonds and fixes that last a lifetime. Shrink or swell any surface repaired or retouched with 3M adhesives; it won’t budge.

Colors and Blends

This fast cure 3M comes in white color. Which totally blends in with many surfaces. This is also one of the strongest fiberglass sealers in the market.

It is built in a manner so that the harsh environments of marine situations can be handled fast and effectively.


  • Cures in 48 hours so it can be used in emergencies
  • Built to withstand the marine environment, aka the saltwater
  • Can seal fiberglass
  • White in color
  • Ready to use out of the container

06. Dap 00694 Auto/Marine Sealant


Dap has quite a name in the market for its resilient performance and versatile usage. This is a true champ. Here’s why.

100% silicone sealant

This is a one hundred percent silicone sealant that dries clear as water. There is plenty of other sealants that develop a gross yellow tint after a while, but not Dap! They dry clear and stay that way for a long time.

What is the finish that you want? 

Please keep that in mind because after using it, you won’t really be able to take it off any time soon. So, please be mindful of what color you want it to dry. These clear ones are amazing. They look seamless.

But how long this strong adhesion lasts? 

A lifetime! Yes, once you glue some things with this or seal any area, it will last a lifetime. Resilient polyurethane polymer has been used in the making of this.

This makes the stuff weatherproof, and even saltwater can do no damage.


  • Silicone made that ensures flexibility
  • Weather-proof so sun damage and saltwater damage are minimum
  • Waterproof so can be used to keep water away
  • Made in the USA
  • Very easy to use

07. 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant

41LLOH 1uuL

You saw it coming, didn’t you? Another 3M product because it is that good! Unlike the other 3M, this one isn’t as beasty and strong. This is for mild usage.

Why level down? Because this 3M gives you the flexibility to undo the bonding if you want to at any point. But don’t be hasty to use it. It may not be the strongest yet one of the best ones in the market.

UV Protection

This 3M is one of the few adhesives in the market that offers UV protection. Do not take the sun, the biggest star of our galaxy, for granted just because it’s far away.

Sun can still do serious damage to your boat and any repair that you do. So, this adhesive is great if you often take your boat out on sunny days.

Color’s Stability

It has color stability, meaning you won’t see a different color after it dries off. It’ll stay the same. The amazing side of this sealant is that it can still be weatherproof.

Yes, it’s nothing you can underestimate. It’s a 3M adhesive. Also, the 15-20 mins skim time allows you to make corrections at your own pace.


  • UV protection that makes it long-lasting
  • Weather-proof so saltwater won’t be very damaging
  • Waterproof, so minimum water damage will occur to your boat
  • 15-20 min skim time, and still, the hold is pretty great
  • Can be undone if needed

08. Star Brite Marine Silicone Sealant


If you ask me what is the best marine sealant for aluminum boats? This might be my answer. Star Brite is a super-strong sealant that has amazing feedback from professionals.

Not only that, Start Brite can be used on more wood surfaces, metal, or fiberglass. It is very much waterproof, yet it has the ability to be easily removed if you want to. Amazing!

Good Quality

This is a showstopper. Not only it has every other good quality of the book, but it also dries off quicker than any typical sealant. It will be tack-free in an hour! Yes, within an hour! And cure completely in 24 hours. Some sealants require weeks, and this will take only one day. Unbelievable, yet it’s true.

Weather and waterproof

The weather has no effect on this beast. Sunlight cannot do much damage to it. Want to go for a peaceful boat ride on a sunny day? Sure, go ahead.

It has the flexibility of a snake! As it is made out of silicone, it can mend if needed, thus making it shatterproof.

It won’t shrink or budge with movement.


  • Cures in 24 hours
  • Easy removal, which makes it handy even if you make mistakes
  • Sun protection aka UV protection
  • Weather and waterproof
  • Flexible, meaning this won’t shatter or crack

09. 3M Marine Adhesive Sealant

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Last but certainly not least, we have in our list the 3M’s best pick so far. This is a literal beast in its true form.

It works amazingly when you need to fix your broken RV bumper or the insides of your boat. The sealant works perfectly with glass as well. This is a complete solution for joining any two pieces back together.

Long-lasting Glue

Moreover, this is a long-lasting glue. It has a hold of steel. Polyurethane polymer is what has been used in the making of it, which provides quality hold on all surfaces imaginable.

On top of all the amazing qualities, it has a fairly fast drying time. Only 48 hours is what you have to give it to work its magic on your broken pieces. You can use it straight out of the tube, with no ifs or buts.

Works under the Water

Using this under the water or above it makes no difference. It will be strong anywhere anyway. Professionals have faith in 3M sealants, and they use them for severe fixings.


  • 48 hours cure time, which makes it usable on short period notices
  • Flexible and long-lasting
  • Dries white, and no mixing or shaking is required
  • Stronghold which is effective on most surfaces
  • Permanent and resilient bond

How To Choose A Perfect Marine Sealant?

So, can you buy just any sealant you see and get away with that? Expect it to work like a charm? I really doubt that idea. If you are searching for quite a while, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Just about any product in the market may claim to give you the world but will barely do anything to give you even a street.

How To Choose A Perfect Marine Sealant?

If you are tired of that, then this section is for you. Folks, pay attention. There are some crucial things that can be carefully spectated before you buy a sealant and be happy with it. Without these specific aspects, purchasing would be a waste. What are those? Read ahead to find out.

1. Search According to Your Usage 

This is the first and the most important piece of information while looking for a sealant. What is it that you want to use the sealant for?

Most importantly, what surface is it? Metal, leather, plastic, wood what? My advice is to get a material-specific one.

Because, in general, the sealant might work for the time being, but you will not be satisfied in the long run. That’s why a surface-specific sealant is a good option.

But there are plenty of sealants that have mastered the art of working with multiple surfaces. You can try those too.

2. Hold and Adhesive Ability

The hold has to be bulletproof. Imagine this, you buy a sealant to seal your boat. You’re done sealing the boat, and off to the ocean for some fun or suppose in the lake, and in the middle of that, you find that cheap adhesive falling apart! Terrifying, isn’t it?

So, you have to make sure that the sealant is strong and can hold off anything for a good period of time.

3. Flexibility

It is also a crucial and important thing to look at, which people often ignore. A sealant might be used on a surface that faces vibrations. Or the surface is slightly bendy, e.g., the bottom part of a boat. If flexible sealants are not used there, they can dry and break into pieces.

Flexibility of Marine Sealants

That’s why flexibility is important so that it can dry yet stand its ground strong and proud.

4. Cure Time

Marine sealants are very stubborn. As they offer you a very strong hold and flexibility, they often tend to take a really long time to cure. But a 2-week cure time may not be practical for some people.

As they can have an upcoming event that may require them to use the sealant quickly and effectively. If you’re one of those people, then get a sealant that dries quickly and effectively.

I mean, does its job correctly but faster. That’s a more practical choice for you. But also keep in mind that these quick-dry ones may dry in the tube before you can use them.

So, don’t keep them around for too long. But when you need them or don’t open the tube before you need them.

5. Mold and Mildew Resistant

Some sealants tend to grow gross stuff on them like mold and mildew. Those are not expected. If especially you plan to use the sealant on a surface that has a chance to come in contact with water, be mindful of that. It can really make or break the deal. No one wants mold on their property.

Plus, it can spread diseases like wildfire.

6. Price

Do you want to give money away without reason? If yes, contact me, asap. If not, then stop wasting money on garbage sealants. Do your research, know your sealants, and then make a purchase so that you can have the best bang for your buck. Don’t just throw money away for some cheap sealant that doesn’t even do its job.

7. User Friendly

Lastly, the sealant that you chose has to be user-friendly. Look at the container closely before you buy it. What features does it have to make your journey easier?

The tubes should be pointy to reach different places and have secure tops to save them for later. Or anything that you find easy to use because you’ll be using that anyway.

So, these are the criteria that really matter before you buy a sealant. Keep your eyes open.

How to Apply Marine Sealant Step by Step?

I have a bunch of tips for you about using a marine sealant. Marine-grade caulking requires a lot of patience and practice. So, have you bought the best sealant on the market now? How do you use it? Here are some tips,

How to Apply Marine Sealant Step by Step?

#1: Remove Any Remaining Junk

First, properly clean the intended place where you plan to use the sealant. Buff if it is necessary. A smooth application will guarantee that it will stick better and longer. You can also use mineral spirits or thinner to get the job done.

The tip of the sealant should also be properly cleaned before using it.

#2: Wear Protective Gear

Sometimes toxic fumes may be released while using these extremely powerful adhesives. So, wear a gas mask to be on the safe side. Also, I advise you to do these jobs outdoors.

Just in case you make a mess, it would be a lot easier to clean that than your carpets.

#3: Mask the Borders

You should use masking tape around the intended area. This way, you will get a very accurate application. Also, this will prevent the glue from going everywhere. After it’s not tacky, you can just rip it off.

#4: Push, Don’t Pull

The majority of us are likely to make this mistake. Don’t apply and pull the tube towards you. Rather push it in the opposite direction. This will give a smoother application.

Pulling can trap air bubbles in the process, which is not desirable.

#5: Use Your Finger

Use your best tool—your finger—to press it smoothly and evenly. Don’t worry; it won’t stick to your finger.

These sealants take days to cure. I’m sure you can wash it off on one of those days.

Top Questions About Marine Sealants (FAQs)

Why Do I Need A Marine Sealant?

It provides better value for your money. It’s better to have a sealant that’s not only waterproof but also can fight harsh seawater. Also, repairing a boat professionally can be expensive. If you can do that at home, why not?

How Many Types of Sealants Are There?

How Many Types of Sealants Are There?

There are initially 3 types of sealants in the market. Ingredients wise are polyurethanes, silicones, and polysulfides. But cure-wise, there are 2 types.
➺ Ones that dry clear and 
➺ Ones that dry white.

Is sealant better than superglue?

Of course, it is. These are made for professional use. And super glue isn’t strong enough to hold an entire boat for you to ride it. Super glue isn’t thick enough to offer you waterproofing. Don’t believe me? Try it!

How do I care for my cured sealant or caulking?

Frequently Asked Questions for Marine Sealant

It doesn’t need much maintenance in the first place. It is there to provide you with the maintenance of other things. But you can regularly check for cracks and redo the part where you see it’s necessary.
If it’s a good sealant, it should be doing okay.

How do I buy it?

You can buy it from any online platform. Read the buying guide section carefully and make a purchase. You can also find it in local hardware stores.

Final Words

Have you found the best marine sealant yet?

I hope you did. Yes, I know it can be a challenge to do so, and the application process is a bit tricky too. But don’t lose hope. You’ll get there slowly but surely.

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