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Top 9 Best Mulch Colors

Top 9 Best Mulch Color Of 2022 (Reviewed And Guided)

What soothes the eyes better than a good-looking backyard garden? Hey, don't say a million dollars! That joke is too old now. Imagine having a freshly brewed cup of coffee with a beautiful garden view in the mornings. Amazing right?

But wait! The mulch in your garden looks too ashy; not so appealing of a view, I must say! What to do now? Find that connection with your inner Bob Ross and paint it. No! seriously, use the best mulch color of the market and color your backyard.

Are you wondering where you can find those? Right here, my friend. I have prepared you a list with every detail and aspect that you got to know before you get your hands on some. And of course, I have reviewed the top 9 mulch colors of the market.

Here are the top-of-the-line mulch colors and their reviews.

01. Sanco Industries MulchWorx Mulch Color


Sanco has always been a gardener's favorite mulch color! You know why? It's a versatile color that lets you be the sailor of your mulch ship. Allow me to explain.

The contrast or color

Some of those dyes in the market give you the contrast or color that it decides to. No matter how much or less you apply. But Sanco is reliable. It will provide you with a concentration of color that you decide to have.

On top of that, Sanco offers you a variety of 3 colors. Cocoa Brown, Rich Red, and Midnight Black. All three of them are equally stunning. It is very easy to use them too. Just add 2 to 5 ounces of color per gallon and shake it very well afterward. You're good to go.

Cover an enormous garden

A gallon of this concentrated dye will let you cover an enormous garden of 2800 square feet. Worried about using chemicals? Don't because this dye is non-toxic and safe for both babies and pets.

But if I were you, I would still be a bit cautious because it's a dye, after all.

  • Not hazardous to breathe in for humans and animals
  • 3 indigenous and appealing colors to choose from
  • Does not take much effort to get stunning colors back
  • Dries off very fast so that you will be done with this a lot faster
  • Only 2 to 5 ounces needed per gallon of water, very effective

02. EnviroColor Forest Mulch Color

If your garden mulch is looking kind of lifeless, it's not because you're a lousy garden owner. It's because they are craving some mulch color! We all do need some color in life sometimes. Our garden is no different.

Bring life back to colorless mulches in less than one hour

What EnviroColor marvelously does is bring life back to colorless mulches in less than an hour. Forget about the tedious work of replacing the mulch. Because with EnviroColor, you will get results that will be even better than the original. So, why waste the energy?

A gallon weighs about 2.5 pounds, and it's a concentrated liquid. So, about 2 to 5 ounces will get you a long way. And, if you're using less, that means it will last you longer! Better value for money!

How much does one purchase cover?

About 2400 square feet of space can be covered with one purchase. Imagine, spraying your yard or walkway mulch a classy black color with almost zero effort.

Your neighbors would indeed be jealous.

  • It's very affordable
  • Very handy and doesn't require much efforts to use
  • Can cover up to 2400 square feet of space with one gallon
  • A stunning color pay off in single-use
  • Eliminates the hassle of replacing the mulch

03. Scotts Mulch Color Renewal

This review wouldn't be a fair one if I didn't include one from the Scotts. If you are looking for some stunning mulch colors to use either on a professional scale or in your cozy little backyard, this is what you should definitely try on.

First of all, there is no waiting, no sir. 

Get instant color pay off, instant as in, as soon as you apply, you get results. You don't have to play the guessing game of “did I apply here already or not?” Now, that's some next-level mulch coloring.

And get this, I know how annoying it is to purchase a sprayer and the actual color separately. Because some merchants really do like to procrastinate. Talking about online purchases here. To avoid all that shenanigans, Scotts offers the sprayer that consumers want within this packaging. How thoughtful!

My wand praising isn't over yet. 

It is a battery-powered rainhead want. That means better reach and no more pumping solution like the older days—modern days, modern ways.

Let's talk about the drying delay. You can have a dry to the touch mulch in about 6 hours after spraying.

Want some variations? 

Scott has got you covered. They offer this amazing mulch color in 3 different variants, black, brown, and red.

It is advised for you to pick a sunny day for mulch dye application. And always shake well before you start spraying.

  • An instant color payoff to see where did you apply already
  • Takes about 6 hours to dry, so one sunny morning is all you need
  • Battery-powered spray nozzle gives you a comfortable wand that's super easy to use
  • Spraying pattern can be changed so that you can enjoy more options
  • Three colors available – black, red, and brown

04. EnviroColor Brown Mulch Color Concentrate


Yet another one from EnviroColor, and of course, I do have a reason to add one more to the list. Want to know the reason? In a word, it's genius and in several words, keep on reading to know that.

Do you have a 2400 square foot walkway? Or a garden? Or a total facility that has mulch on it? 

No worries, purchase this affordable gallon of mulch color from EnviroColor, and that single gallon will get you through the entire 2400 square feet. That's what I call bang for the buck.

Now, let's come to the topic of color itself. The color comes off nicely and coats every nook and cranny. This concentrated dye gallon has 3 pounds of this thing, and it's pretty strong too.

It isn't like other chemical dyes

This is a dye that has no intention to harm the environment or any living being like other chemical dyes. It's not hazardous and is non-toxic – safe for your pooch to play in the garden after you spray on your mulch color. And the trees? They are safe too.

A nice brown color

The cocoa brown color finish gives the mulch a nice brown color of well-taken care soil. Any greenery or pretty flowers will look picture perfect besides that.

  • One gallon has 3 pounds of concentrated color
  • Each gallon covers up to 2400 square feet of space
  • Non-toxic color, so it’s safe to use around kids and pets
  • Offers a finish like cocoa brown, which is very appealing
  • It's not harmful to the environment, and that’s a great cause to buy it

05. MulchWorx Red Mulch Color

Keeping your garden very neat and tidy is a very boring job. And that takes a lot of effort as well. But a good-looking mulch is like a game-changer. It's a beauty mode but for the garden. This product will make sure you have a gorgeous garden all year round.

Looking for instant curb appeal in faded mulch? 

This is what you should definitely add to the garden vanity. MulchWorx has this pretty burgundy shade of mulch color that is mesmerizing.

Made in the great USA, MulchWorx doesn't have a lot to prove after that. It can be considered a quality product just by that. 2 to 3 ounces of this concentrated color mixed with a gallon of water is the golden ratio for the perfect color.

How long a little can go with this color?

You would be surprised how long a little can go with this color. That ensures some serious value for money right there. And it takes a good 3 to 4 months for the color to fade away. That's pretty good if you ask me.

In this 2.89 pound gallon, you can cover a 2400 square feet space just like that. MulchWorx is indeed the real gem.

  • Color lasts for 3 to 5 months, which will save you some cash
  • A gallon is about 2.89 pounds, thus a lot of product in one gallon
  • Very good coverage, so you don’t have to waste a lot of time
  • Intense pigmentation is guaranteed with this
  • Dries off fast, so the waiting time is cut to a minimum

06. EnviroColor Ft. Sierra Red Mulch Color 

Wondering what can give you awesome looking mulch in a day? It's a good mulch color. EnviroColor has this stunning sierra red mulch color to jazz up your backyard.

Vibrant results and instant fall vibes

It's such a drag to change mulch every year or so. A more expensive option as well. That's why EnviroColor introduced this sierra red color that will give you vibrant results and instant fall vibes.

This product is a multitasker; not only do they mulch, but you can also spray some on the sidewalks to have a fresh new look to go with the aesthetics.

So affordable!

The variant is so affordable that it blows my mind. You will be paying pennies per square foot. Can you buy anything for that price in 2021? I don't think so!

Non-toxic and non-hazardous pigmented color is the perfect go-to if you have people with disabilities around or kids or pets. This is guaranteed to not cause any harm to your beloved plants too.

2400 square feet be covered just by a gallon

Two thousand four hundred square feet of real estate can be covered just by a gallon of this. The mixing solution goes as same as the other ones.

2 to 5 ounces of color with a gallon of water, and you're golden.

  • Easy to mix and use
  • Non-hazardous – doesn't cause any harm to plants or animals
  • Pigmented stunning sierra red color, which goes with every weather
  • 2400 square footage coverage, so you are set for at least 6 months

07. COLORBACK Mulch Color

Here comes the beast of the category. Colorback indeed does bring color and life back to your ashy mulches.

Why call it a beast? 

This is the lone mulch color that has the capacity to color a whole entire mansion! A gallon of this can cover up to 12,800 square footage of space.

Wow! In total, 32 gallons of colors come off of this one gallon. This stunning black color will surely turn heads.

Black is always classy 

Your front or backyard will look classy because black is classy. I am already in love with the idea of that. And this baby won't come off that easy.

You can even call it clingy as the color stays 2 to 3 times longer than any other typical ones. Pine straw or grass areas can even be turned to your desired black color with this product.

It's a tested mulch color product

This product was tested before it reached you. And it was proven that it's safe to use around residential areas. It is safe around your little ones as well as the family pet.

Your plants would be safe too.

  • Covers up to 12,800 square footage, enough to cover a ton of space
  • A rich black color which is aesthetically pleasing
  • Lasts 3 to 4 times longer than other options in the market
  • Spray-on color that makes it very easy and efficient
  • As a multitasking color, you can use it on the pine straws too

08. EnviroColor Pine Straw Treatment and Color 

Don't just keep on changing the mulch every year. You have the option to color it with EnviroColor. It will save you so much work and time that you are bound to fall in love.

This mulch color can keep your pine straw looking fresh and replenished, not to mention your mulch.

Ashy pine straws or mulch are lifeless

I don't necessarily love to look at ashy pine straws or mulch. They look lifeless and dull. To pull off the entire look of your house, you should really pay attention to details like these. And make your house look stunning as ever.

This mulch color has some ridiculously good red color pay off. I fall for its beauty every time. A huge space of 2400 square feet will be covered by just a gallon. If the value for money had a face, that would be a picture of this gallon right here.

Don't get the wrong idea

This thing is so affordable you can literally cover a square foot worth of space in pennies! But don't get the wrong idea, just because it's cheap doesn't mean it lacks in any other criteria. This baby is an all-rounder!

  • Colors the pine straws as well as the mulch, thus it’s a multipurpose pigment
  • Its red color looks aesthetically pleasing
  • 2400 square footage coverage, enough to use it over the course of time
  • A refreshing look can be achieved with just one use
  • Multitasker so you will be saving some cash

09. COLORBACK Mulch Color Concentrate

I have already introduced you to the black version of this beast; now, this is the red version. ColorBack is a renowned name in the market, and that can only be achieved by good products, am I right, or am I right? 

Coverage is as excellent as ever

The square footage coverage is as excellent as ever, 6400! I wonder who has a garden or walkway that big. If you do, this is the mulch color for you. You can also use this for professional purposes. Trust me; your clients will be knocking you within a few days.

The coverage of this beast is strong as ever. People say when in doubt, wear red. With this stunning red, there will be no space for any doubts left.

As for the color, 

it’ll stay 3 to 4 times longer than the mainstreams. Now that’s a deal worth getting into.

  • Red in color, which looks really good on mulch
  • 6400 square footage coverage is enough for a lawn that’s the size of a mansion
  • 3 to 4 times longer lasting than other options, so it's a value for money
  • Darker color payoff, so you don’t have to go for a second coat
  • Suitable for both personal and professional usage

Different Types of Mulch Colors 

Different Types of Mulch Colors

I hate to break it to you, but you cannot purchase all the crazy colors of a rainbow for mulch. I'm sorry. Not saying they would look good, but in case if you are into those sorts of aesthetic.

Mulch only comes in very basic colors. Which are –

  1. Classic red mulch color
  2. Midnight black mulch color
  3. Cocoa brown mulch color
  4. Light brown color

These are the basic color pallet that you can pick from, but if sprayed in a different color to water ratio, maybe the payoff will vary. And that can give you even more options. However, this is just a guess from my side. But you can experiment, find out and let me know!

There aren't any different chemical compositions as per my knowledge. Because at the end of the day, it all comes down to basic ones.

How to Choose the 'Perfect Mulch Color' for Old? (Buying Guide)

How to Choose the 'Best Mulch Color' for Old? (Buying Guide)

I know you are in the market for the best product for your garden. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this. But rather than looking for a specific product, it helps to know what traits are desirable in a good mulch color.

Even if the best one isn't available to you, get these boxes checked before you get out of the house to buy some.

This isn't rocket science, so I have faith in you to be just fine with the below instructions.

1. Color Pay Off 

Good color pay off is so important, and I cannot stress it enough. You see, what's the point of spraying on the dye, risking your plant's life if it doesn't even give pretty results?

No point! Get yourself a mulch color that has decent color pay off, so you don't have to waste your time and energy spraying off mulch colors every now and then.

2. Area Coverage 

Suppose you have a big garden or a big walkway. This is a crucial aspect for you. Check what amount of square footage can be covered with a gallon of a mulch color concentration. If it's less than 2000, I don't think it's worth buying.

Another thing is, if your yard is too small, try going for smaller packaging. Because it's a dye. And you just chuck it on the shelf for months; it's not going to be useful after that period.

So, that's a waste, and I'm sure you don't want to be wasteful with your money.

3. Is It Toxic? 

Pay close attention to this detail. There's already enough toxicity and pollution in the air and the earth, and you don't want to contribute to the problem. So, get a mulch color that is non-toxic.

This will not only save the environment but also save your pretty plants from dying. And in case if your pets and kids decided to go out and play, there would be nothing to be concerned about.

4. Drying Time 

Who has the time for a day-long mulch color drying? I mean, you don't have to sit there and watch it dry, but you do have to keep an eye on it till it does because it can be a pain in the bum to remove if spilled.

Also, these days you really can't trust the weather. And never know when it might be raining! So, get a mulch color that dries off faster and saves you the hassle.

How to apply mulch color? 

It's fairly easy to use mulch color. Usually, it's a ratio of 2 to 5 ounces of concentrated color with a gallon of water. But different brands might have specific instructions for them, so do check the back of the bottle. Also, after mixing the two, shake it off really well. And it's ready to go.

FAQs Regarding Mulch Colors

If you have more questions, take a look at these –

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do I need mulch color?

Answer: Hey, if you are looking for a quick and easy solution for a healthy and vibrant looking mulch, this should be your go-to. It takes zero to no efforts to spray some dye, and within less than a day, you get fantastic results.

So, yes, you do need mulch colors.

Q. Is mulch color going to harm my garden? 

Answer: If you use a non-toxic dye, then you are fine. But a hazard can result in dying plants. My advice is to always be safe than sorry. Protect your plants with a piece of cardboard beforehand.

Q. Is mulch color dangerous?

Answer: Not at all. Yes, it is a bunch of chemicals making a vibrant color, but I wouldn't go as far as calling it dangerous. You should really look up the ingredient list if you really want to make a sound and responsible choice.

Q. Can mulch color stain? 

Answer: Yep. Some dyes are pretty strong. It can stain your sidewalk. Your skin even. So, put on a pair of gloves. And really try to be precise near the areas you don't want the dye on.

Wrapping Up

Now that I have blessed you with all my mulch color knowledge, I hope you can take care of the rest. I am talking about those million dollars, of course! Duh!

Jokes apart, I know it isn't as simple as calling one color the best mulch color because it's quite relative of an opinion to have, but do not hesitate to experiment with these. And don't get too overboard as well. Just have fun!

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