Top 8 Best Plantation Shutters

Top 8 Best Plantation Shutters Of 2024 (BUYERS GUIDE)

Plantation shutters are regarded as a significant aesthetic addition to any home. They endow your home with a certain charm, provide a sense of history, and drive up the property value. However, like all good things, the best plantation shutters also come with a price. And we’re not just talking about the monetary value.

Given the popularity of the product, the number of second-rate merchandise in the market, and the nuances involved in the process, it’s not always easy to make the right decision.

Top 8 Best Plantation Shutters

So, we designed this guide to get you out of this dilemma. We’ve kept the narrative simple and concise, so it can provide you with the most amount of value in the least amount of time.

Our Top 8 Best Plantation Shutters

01. Redi Shade, Gray Original Room Darkening Pleated Paper Shade

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In this product Redi shade has come up with an innovative approach, providing a more efficient way for heat transference.

They’ve used premium-grade paper as the raw material. This feature makes the product a powerful protectant against sunlight. Thus, they are much less vulnerable to creasing, cracking, and yellowing.

The paper is recyclable, which is good for the environment as well.

Shutters Package

The package contains 6 shutters. Each shutter is 36-inches wide and 7-inches long. The shades are constructed as a single-piece material that’s pleated, which gives the shutters more structural integrity than cellular shades.

The shutters have a double mount feature. That means you can install them both on the inside and the outside of the window frame.

A Cordless Design

The shades have a cordless design. So, along with providing a minimal look and a hassle-free user experience, these are also children and pet-friendly. The two pull-hooks at the bottom rail of each shutter make operating them really easy, allowing you to control the light entrance and your privacy.

They can be trimmed at home for making a perfect fit and designing custom plantation shutters.

How Easy to Install?

The installation process is user-friendly and doesn’t require any power tools or smaller tools (e.g. brackets and screws). They also serve a multifunctional purpose, as they can be used as a single utility object as well as over a pre-existing shutter setting. 

Protect from UV Rays

The shutters are engineered to provide protection from UV rays. They can significantly eliminate problems caused by night-time shadows too.


  • The shades are engineered to provide protection from UV rays.
  • They can significantly eliminate obstacles caused by night-time shadows.
  • Provide a tool-free, user-friendly installation.
  • The shutters are made from recycled, durable paper to offer multiple benefits.
  • These shades are immune to yellowing, creasing, and cracking.


  • Offer protection from UV rays.
  • Easy installation.
  • Shutters are made of recycled, durable paper.
  • These shades are immune to creasing and cracking.
  • Eliminate obstacles caused by night-time shadows.


  • The blinds are oddly curved, and the adhesive stripping is misaligned.

02. Achim Home Mahogany Madera Falsa Slat Faux Wood Plantation Blind

Lovers of vinyl shutters will be thrilled by the MFCO23MH02.

This plantation shutter is 23-inches wide and 64-inches long. It has better structural strength and protective features than natural wood. Yet by the look and feel of it, you can’t tell them apart.

Wide Vinyl Louvres

The product is made from 2-inches wide vinyl louvres. It also has a draper over the slats that measures 2.5-inches in width. It offers a support structure to the louvers, providing both style and balance.

The embossed slats can be operated using the bottom rail. You can use it to pull up, down, or bend the slats in both ways (a dual positioning). Thus, you can get maximum control over how much light you want.

A Complete Installation Kit

The package comes with a complete installation kit, which includes brackets, screws, and other mounting hardware. There’s also a user guide to help you smoothly carry out the installation process.

The cordless design provides a less messy operative experience and will keep your little ones, cats, and dogs out of trouble.

Foolproof Blockage 

The widened slat width offers a foolproof blockage from prying eyes, increasing your privacy-related comfort.

Since they are made of vinyl, you won’t need to worry about the fragility that accompanies real wood, such as moisture-related damage, fungi/bacterial infestation, cracking/creasing, etc.

Thanks to the Clever Choice 

They are also (thanks to the clever choice of raw materials) protective against discoloration, warping, and deformation issues. 


  • This blind will protect you from discoloration, warping, and deformation issues.
  • The shutter is immune to moisture, fungi, and bacterial infestation.
  • Unlike organic wood, it’s not vulnerable to cracking, creasing, and peeling.
  • This shutter has widened slats to provide you with foolproof privacy.
  • It has easy, user-friendly installation and operative features.


  • Protect you from discoloration, warping, and defamation issues.
  • The shutter is resistant to moisture.
  • It’s not vulnerable to cracking, creasing, and peeling.
  • The shutter has widened slats for foolproof privacy.
  • Easy installation and operative features.


  • Have an unpleasant smell during the first days after installation.

03. Foiresoft, Custom White Winsharp Basic Plantation Shutters


Let’s enter into the future of plantation shutters, where Foiresoft presents to you a Hi-lite style shade.

This shutter is made from pure polyester fabric. When fully installed, it provides a width of 34-inches and a length of 72-inches. It uses a zebra-style roller shade system, which closely resembles the Korean Combi blinds.

Layers of Fabric

The shutter is structured horizontally, using two layers of fabric. One is meshed sheers made from fine, semi-transparent fabric. Another is non-transparent slats. This mixture of different types of sheers and slats provides you with better control over light manipulation, insulation, and level of privacy.

This shutter will seamlessly blend in with both classic and minimal décors. It’s equally comfortable to use both during the day and at night.

Mounting Options

Equipped with internal as well as external mounting options, it’s designed with 2-inch slats. You can cut them down to precise measurements, all the way up to 0.25-inches.

And, due to the combination of translucent and non-transparent slats, you can control night-time shadows and airflow to perfection.

How Easy to Wash?

The product is popular among users for its simple washing formula. You can clean the fabrics using simply low-temperature water. Cleaning it regularly will increase its longevity. However, using hot water for cleaning is not recommended.

The Sidechain

The product comes with a beaded sidechain, aligned from the top-rail to the bottom. You can use the chain to effortlessly tilt between sheers and solid slats.


  • Provides flexible maneuverability over the outside view and lighting.
  • The shutter gives multiple options regarding privacy, insulation, and airflow.
  • Can seamlessly blend in with both classic and modern décors.
  • It uses sheer fabric with solid slats to offer you greater user control.
  • You can cut the shutter up to 0.25-inches for precise measurement.


  • Provides flexible maneuverability over the outside view and lighting.
  • The shutter gives multiple options such as insulation and airflow.
  • Blends both classic and modern décors.
  • It uses sheer fabric with solid slats to offer you greater user control.


  • They are not designed to prevent light penetration.


04. Achim Home Furnishings, Celestial White Plantation Shutters CC3472WH02


This beautiful white shutter is made from a durable fabric known as polyester. To guard the structural integrity, the raw material has been kept pure. The 72-inches long and 34-inches wide shutter will fit most standard-sized windows.

The cordless, simple design is constructed with two layers of fabric, one for the sheers and one for the non-transparent slats.

Achim made the headrail from aluminum to maintain the color scheme.

The Shades

Using a conveniently placed pulling hook at the bottom rail, you can roll up the shades entirely into the top rail, providing a fashionable, untangled look to the window. Or, you can use the hook to pull down the shutter.

Flexible Mesh

The sheers are made from a type of flexible mesh. The spaces between the sheers can be altered (using a light filtration design) to allow both broad and narrow entrances of light as well as completely block it.

Thus, you get a clever way to dictate access to sunlight and airflow in your room, insulation control, and privacy.

Width and Height

You’ll need a minimum 4 ½-inch window depth for installation. However, the mounting length can be stretched as far as 72-inches. You’ll also need to align the bottom rail accordingly for complete user control.

How Easy is it to Clean?

Weekly cleaning with normal dusting paired with swiping (using a doused soft cloth) will keep the shutter healthy.

The package includes all important mounting tools, such as brackets, screws, frames, etc. along with an installation manual.


  • The shutter uses flexible mesh sheers to provide a light filtration feature.
  • The product’s cordless to provide a lean look and safety for children and pets.
  • It has a pull-hook at the bottom rail for a tangle-free operation.
  • The head rail is made from aluminum to match the existing color scheme.
  • With a mounting length range of 72-inches, the shade is highly adaptable.


  • The shutter uses flexible mesh sheers to provide a light filtration feature.
  • The product cordless provides a lean look and safety for children and pets.
  • It has a pull-hook at the bottom rail for a tangle-free operation.


  • Complaints of quality defects.

05. Redi Shade Original Light Filtering Pleated Paper Shade

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Made from Faux wood, the shutter is likely manufactured from medium-density fiber wood (MDF) with either polyvinyl chloride, composite wood, or vinyl wrapping. This gives the shade natural characteristics of organic woods (e.g. wood grain) without fragility.

So, it looks just like real wood but with more flexibility, durability, and a lower price.

The Shutter Ranges

The full width of the shutter ranges from 35 to 37-inches with a 48-inch length. It’s a “full-height” shutter with an inside mount. Designed with two operating knobs in the middle, each portion of the top part has 2 mouse holes.

They make pathways for the mid-rails when completely closing the blinds and offer a more robust locking system.

Shutter’s Designed

The shutter’s designed with seamless integration of the frames and the rails, using a varying depth structure. It has mid-rails on all four sections, providing you with more control over privacy and light entrance.

It is divided into two parts; the top and the bottom. Each of these can be opened and closed separately.

Construction Material

Due to the construction material, it’s strong, weatherproof, and resists humidity as well as moisture. Thus, it’s perfect to use if you live in a rough weathered region (e.g. near the sea, rainy areas, etc.)

Considered as one of the best plantation shutters available today, its classic bind-style will add an antique value to your home. It’s perfect for decorating Spanish or French architecture-inspired houses.

The product can significantly increase the monetary value of your house.


  • The shutter’s construction material makes it weatherproof.
  • It blocks moisture and humidity-related damage.
  • Perfect to use if you live in a rough-weathered region.
  • The shade has mid-rails on all four sections, providing you with better control.
  • The classic design will add an antique style and raise the value of your home.


  • The shutter’s construction material makes it weatherproof.
  • It blocks moisture and humidity-related damage.
  • Perfect to use if you live in a rough-weathered region.
  • The classic design will add an antique style.
  • Easy to install.


  • Not durable.


06. Rama Rose, Korean Combi Window Blind/Plantation Shutter

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Currently residing in the top “500 Roller Window Shades Sold on Amazon”, the product follows the trendy combination of light-sensitive sheers and dense sheers but with a twist.

It’s designed after the “Korean Combi” style shades. The sheers are made of organic linen for durability and accurate performance, while the solid slats are constructed from pure polyester. 

Width and Height

The shutter is 72-inches long with a total width of 48-inches. It’s a roller plantation. This means, a beaded wire is installed using a roller head, which is set at the top rail to operate the shutter.

Rama Rose uses two layers of fabric, placed upon each other. It’s designed with dense sheer nets followed by light sheer nets.

The shutter can be rolled, placing only dense shades on the front, to provide complete blockage of light and full privacy from the outside view.

How Easy to Install?

For internal installation, the frame of the window must be 2.4-inches deep. For an external mount, the shutter should be at least 8-inches wider than your window frame. Its total length can be stretched to a maximum of 72-inches.

The top-rail is manufactured from aluminum for keeping color synergy. The beads of the wire are also white.

Metal Package

The package comes with metal as well as transparent and translucent plastic side frames. Thus, the entire shutter is designed in a minimal style, reflecting perfectly the concept of plantation blinds in a post-modern concept.


  • The product is in the top “500 Roller Window Shades Sold on Amazon”.
  • Made with light-sensitive hollow sheers followed by dense sheers.
  • The shutter is designed after the “Korean Combi” shades for a modern flavor.
  • By using an aluminum top rail, the shutter maintains a synergy of color.
  • The product comes with transparent and translucent plastic side frames.


  • Uses two layers of fabric placed upon each other.
  • Easy installation.
  • Allows daylight penetration and closes for privacy.
  • The shutter can be rolled depending on the purpose.
  • The quality is good.
  • The product comes with transparent and translucent plastic side frames.


  • Have no variety of sizes.

07. Foiresoft, Grey Custom Winsharp Basic Plantation Shutters


Foiresoft delivers you a contemporary shutter that’s equipped with every protective feature you’d want in your blind.

It has weatherproof properties, such as water and temperature resistance. It provides more longevity and flexibility than organic wood.

The shade is manufactured from polyester, which provides coherent structural integrity.

It’s Perfect to Use

These features make this product perfect to use in specific areas where other shades might fail. For example, a window near the stove where other shutters can’t tolerate the heat or toilet windows where regular shutters will deteriorate due to being damaged by water.

The shade has a full width of 35-icnhes and a length of 64-inches. It has a resemblance to Hi-lite style blinds. That means it has two types of louvres.

Sheer Mesh 

One is a sheer mesh with spacey fabric for allowing soft light in and another is non-transparent slats. This combines the classic blind design with a modern shade style.

The shutter has an all-around plug profile. Thus, you can install the shade both inside and outside of the window frame.

Aluminum Top Bar

With a trendy aluminum top bar to maintain the continuity of the color scheme, this zebra-roller blind also has a lopped beaded wire for smooth operation.

It comes with 2.5-inch brackets and 2.1-inch C-clamps. You can cut the shutter down to 0.25 inches, providing you with a concise measurement.


  • The shutter has weatherproof properties like water and temperature resistance.
  • An all-around plug profile, offering both internal and external installation.
  • Can be used for toilet windows as it’s waterproof.
  • The package comes with brackets and C-clamps for ease of installation.
  • Can be installed on the kitchen window due to heat resistance.


  • The shutter has weatherproof properties like water and temperature resistance.
  • Equipped with double-sided roll down.
  • Offers both internal and external installation.
  • Easy to install.
  • Combines both classic blind designs with modern shade style.


  • Not meant for privacy protection.

08. Shutter Shack, White Interior Plantation Shutter with Installation Kit QSPA2324

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This QSPA2324 uses raw materials that fall under the category of engineered wood, specifically polyvinyl chloride wrapped in MDF (medium-density fiber). This feature creates a truly durable plantation shutter.

The shutter’s full width ranges from 29 to 31-inches and the total length is 48-inches. However, the shutter is available in 72-inch models.

Stylish Shutter

It’s a full-height style shutter. The product has a flexible plug profile. You can install them both inside and outside of your window frame.

The blind is manufactured with 2.5-inch solid slats, which adorn the window with a classic look. The slats can be tilted to control airflow, light entrance, temperature, and your preferred spectrum of privacy.

Mounting Kits

The package comes with all the necessary mounting kits, such as installation hardware, screws, filler strips, etc. If you buy a panel that crosses 48-inches, you’ll also get divider rails for ease of use.

The kit provides you with dual panels and has a trimming feature. It allows you to trim up to 1.25 inches on the bottom rail and 0.25 inches on the top rail. Thus, this product can fit a wide range of window sizes.

Handy Feature 

The feature can also come in handy if you intend to style your own DIY plantation shutters. The shutter is engineered with a damage-proof structure, offers weatherproofing features, and protects against heat, moisture, mold, and humidity.


  • Made with PVC-wrapped MDF for providing durability.
  • The shutter can fit a wide range of window sizes due to its trimming feature.
  • Built with damage-proof and weatherproof (e.g. rain, dust, etc.) features.
  • The blind protects against heat, moisture, mold, and humidity.
  • The louvres can be tilted to control your preferred spectrum of privacy.


  • Made with PVC-wrapped MDF for providing durability.
  • The shutter can fit a wide range of window sizes due to its trimming feature.
  • Built with damage-proof and weatherproof features. (e.g., rain, dust, etc.) 
  • The blind protects against heat, moisture, mold, and humidity.
  • The louvers can be tilted to control your preferred spectrum of privacy.


  • No manual instructions were provided.

What to Consider before Purchasing the Best Plantation Shutter?

1. Classic Or Trendy

If you own a house with an antique-vibe, then you should opt for the classic plantation shutters. They are also known as blinds. Unlike modern-day shade-style shutters, these are single-layer plantation shutters.

What Things To Consider for Purchasing the Best Plantation Shutters?

They are often divided into two or four panels, where each panel is installed with a mid-rail. You can tilt the rail to control a number of things, such as sunlight exposure, range of privacy from the outside view, temperature control, airflow, etc.

Organic or Faux Wood

Blinds can be made of organic or Faux (engineered) wood. Nowadays these blinds are also available in vinyl, PVC, etc., and can add a sense of history and richness to your home.

On the other hand, 

if you own a minimally designed house, Hi-lite style blinds will suit you better. They are manufactured in a sleek way and blend well with modern architectural settings. They also offer more control when it comes to usage than classic blinds.

However, at the end of the day, the decision is likely to end up being subjective.

2. Control Options 

We recommend choosing shutters that offer you the widest range of control in terms of usage. These can be achieved by features like multiple mid-rails in different panels that allow you to customize an atmosphere precisely to your liking.

Control Options of the Best Plantation Shutters

You should also look for features like double-layered shutters, a combination of sheer mesh nets and solid louvres, rolling wire, etc.

These attributes will help you to control matters like sunlight exposure, night-time shadow reduction, insulation, privacy, etc. exactly as you like.

3. Ease Of Use 

Usage comfort is another aspect that you should really pay attention to. Many of us often get so enmeshed in the design of the shutters that we end up ignoring whether they’ll be easy to use in the long run.

The Rolling Wire Setting 

If it’s a zebra-roller shade, make sure the rolling wire setting is easy and spontaneous. For blind-style shutters with multiple panels and mid rails, make sure they have conveniently placed mouse-hooks.

If it’s a single panel blind, you should check whether the pull-hook works efficiently.

The Control Mechanism

Another thing to watch out for is the control mechanism of the louvres. If it’s a mid-rail design, make sure their tilting function works properly. If it’s a roller shade, check whether transitioning between shades and slats is easy and reflexive.

4. Choice Of Raw Material

Once again, this issue majorly comes down to your own taste.

Some people love organic wood for their natural appeal. However, comparatively, they can be fragile and fall prey to multiple quality degraders, such as insects, vermin, moisture, humidity, mold, etc. Though, you can choose a high-quality organic wood to lessen the impact of these issues (e.g. basswood).

Choice Of Raw Material for the Best Plantation Shutters

Faux/Engineered Wood

Most shutters these days are made from Faux/engineered wood. They look and feel just like natural wood, as some even have grains on them. You can also choose PVC-wrapped medium density fiber (MDF), wood composite, and vinyl for solid slats/louvres.

If you intend to purchase Kombi blinds, make sure they are made from high-quality organic linen. This will increase the quality of the sheer mesh nets.

5. Convenient Cleaning

A surefire way to detect the best plantation shutters in the market is an easy cleaning feature. And that’s exactly why we recommend it. This feature will provide you with two benefits-

  • You can clean them often due to the easy procedure, which will always keep your home looking neat and fresh.
  • Statistics show that regularly cleaned shutters tend to last much longer and rarely need replacement.

What are The Popular Brands of Plantation Shutters?

Our natural craze for buying branded products is nothing new. However, there are legit reasons for this appeal.

Brands are not born overnight. In fact, it’s through years of providing quality products and round-the-clock customer care which lets a brand becomes a household name that consumers can trust.

Top 4 Best Plantation Shutters Brands

After doing our own research and going through a variety of plantation shutter details, we have chosen the top four plantation shutter brands that are sure to give you your money’s worth.

1. Achim Home Furnishings

Achim Home Furnishings was founded by Mr. Grossman in 1962. He is still the reigning president of the company and ever so devoted to keeping delivering shutters that many have come to love and adore.

Based in the heart of New York, at 295 Fifth Avenue, the company has shown an unbroken knack for durable shutters with continuously evolving features to stay relevant in the fast pacing world.

If you are looking for a classic blind-style shutter that fits as smoothly with modern décor as it does with a Spanish antique interior, this is certainly the brand for you. 

2. Foiresoft

This South Korean manufacturer is one of the foremost flag-bearers when it comes to producing Kombi-style shades.

Many consumers have taken a liking to Kombi shades, as they offer better control over multiple aspects (e.g. light entrance, range of privacy, insulation, etc.). They also blend in better with minimal décors which have become the norm for many modern households.

Foiresoft for the Best Plantation Shutters

With this revolution of taste in choosing shutters, Foiresoft has always been a trustworthy and innovative name.

Born and bred exclusively in the USA, the story of Shutter Shack really is one of “rags to riches”.

The company started as a family business around 1970. However, just more than a decade after they managed to procure a satisfied user base, ranging over more than 30-thousand homes. And that growth spurt has yet to stop.

3. Shutter Shack

With more than 30 years of experience, the company now operates from New York’s Westbury. If you are looking for a good, timeless blind-style shutter that offers nostalgia but with a plethora of modern features, this company is highly unlikely to disappoint.

Shutter Shack for the Best Plantation Shutters

They provide a wide range of products in terms of colors, style, and usage. However, in doing so they haven’t forgotten about features like durability and protection.

So, if you are aiming for a shutter that’s sleek, tough, and knows how to get the job done, this company is one of your ideal options.

4. Rama Rose 

Based in China, Rama Rose holds its forts when it comes to dominating the exotic market of Korean Combi/Hi-lite style shades. The company has continually impressed its customers with phenomenally fresh ideas, strict quality maintenance even on the tiniest details, and producing products that are safe for your health and the environment.

Instead of taking the easy route out and blindly repeating the same designs, they have kept their focus on one thing; providing you with unique shades without alienating the core concept of Kombi-style shutters. 

Top Questions About Plantation Shutters

Why Are They Called Plantation Shutters?

The use of shutters can be dated all the way back to the 15th century, first introduced by the Greeks. During the 18th and 19th centuries when the Spanish colonized America, these exotic shutters became a status symbol.

So, along with nobility, rich plantation owners also started using them on their mansions and palaces. Hence the name, “plantation shutters”.

What Is A Louvre/Slat?

What Is A Louvre/Slat?

Often pronounced as a “louver” (from the French word “Louvre”, where the product has touched the peak of its popularity), is a solid or hollow plank that makes up the shutter. Also known as slats, these planks can be found laid in a single layer in classic, blind-style shutters.

However, with the invention of modern Kombi and Hi-lite shades, the concept evolved. There each louver is followed by a sheer mesh net to provide better control over various aspects (e.g. insulation, light entrance, privacy, etc.).

What Is The Difference Between Shade-Style Shutters And Blind-Style Shutters?

A shade-style shutter is usually a double-layer shutter, designed with either a dense and light mesh net or a mesh net and a slat.

A blind-style shutter is a single-layer shutter, which is comprised of only solid or hollow slats.

What Is A “Korean Combi” Blind?

What Is A “Korean Combi” Blind?

A Korean Combi blind doesn’t use solid or hollow slats. Instead, it’s made of a dual-layered fabric. For example, two overlapping sheer mesh nets are manufactured from organic cotton.

Should I Get A Corded Or Cordless Shutter?

If you want a clean look on your window and have children or pets in the house, it’s better to go with a cordless shutter. Though they may offer you less spontaneity of control.

If you don’t have worries about wire tangling issues and purchase a roller shade with an elegantly placed roller wire, then you can go for a corded shutter for better control and comfort.

Should I Hire An Expert To Install My Shutter?

Yes, we recommend hiring an expert.

The installation process is a crucial part of setting up and being able to operate a shutter successfully. So, unless you have previous experience installing shutters, it can save you a lot of unnecessary headaches if you hire a professional installer.  

Final Word

Installing plantation shutters is the hot new trend. Especially with the invention of various modern spins on the original design (e.g. Hi-lite shades, Combi blinds, etc.) the demand is high, to say the least.

Apart from their beautifying value, they also serve a multitude of practical purposes. Detecting the amount of sunlight entrance to your room, controlling your privacy, insulation, and airflow management…the list goes on.

However, you’ll only get to enjoy the full benefit of this product if you can get your hands on the best plantation shutters on the market. However, that can prove to be a challenging task.

That’s where this guide comes in. We tailored this guide to provide you all the help you need for making a purchase that’ll put a smile on your face.

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