Top 9 Best Red Mulch

Top 9 Best Red Mulch Of 2024 (Reviews And Buying Guide)

Walking in your garden in the morning is awesome. It just gets better when your soulmate holds your hand. But that’s not going to happen with you anytime soon. It’s because the grass off your garden is getting all big and when you go for a walk, they tangle to your feet. The worst part? Your wife doesn’t like it at all.

Top 9 Best Red Mulch

Well, if you really want to hold her hand and have a nice walk in the garden, you can get yourself a red mulch. Getting the best red mulch can solve the problem like magic.

It cuts off weed growth, holds moisture, and makes your garden way too attractive. Plus, hanging out with your friends while setting up a campfire in your garden won’t be a problem.

So, you want to get your hands on the perfect red mulch? We’re talking about the top 9.

Our Top 9 Best Red Mulches Review

So after long research, we’ve picked the top 9 red mulches for you. Jump to the reviews and see which one suits you best.

01. Playsafer Rubber Mulch Nuggets

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Playsafer; well, the item ensures that your child can play with maximum safety by erasing the risk of injury on play areas or playgrounds, the name speaks for itself. These rubber mulch nuggets can be spread evenly and pretty easily.

This IPEMA certified mulch includes a couple of different colors to choose from, such as red, black, blue, unpainted black, green, and brown. But we prefer choosing the red one if you want to utilize it on the playgrounds and play areas.

Summer or Rain isn’t a Matter

No matter it is summer or rain, it has the ability to withstand all weather conditions, so it won’t flow or blow away at all. It doesn’t compress, even decompose way too early, meaning the soil will remain healthy, fresh, and fertile for a long time.

This 40-pound bag can cover around 1.55 Cu. Ft. If you think it is a bit small for your land, then you can choose the other sizes it comes with, including 400 lbs – 16 Cu. Ft, 1000 lbs – 39 Cu. Ft, and 2000 lbs – 77 Cu. Ft. But the range of price will be different according to the sizes, bear in mind.

As for Its Construction, 

it stands out from the rest; the mulch is built with recycled tires and free from metal. Also, it is non-toxic and won’t attract ants or other insects.

Last but not least, the color will keep in good condition for up to 12 years, thankfully.

  • IPEMA certified
  • Includes a wide variety of colors with multiple sizes
  • Compatible with all weather conditions
  • Made of non-toxic recycled tires

02. NuScape Red Playground Rubber Mulch 0.8-cu ft

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This one from NuScape Mulch is one of the safest groundcover out there in the market. With over 99.99% recycled rubber, this redwood groundcover is entirely free from metal or such type of material. It is eco-friendly and made with non-toxic chemicals.

For commercial landscaping and playgrounds, NuScape Mulch Rubber Nuggets is what we are suggesting to buy, it creates a resilient and pliable outdoor surface to make you feel wow after applying it.

The pack contains around 16 pounds to cover an area of 0.8 Cu. Ft. in one go.

What’s More In This Mulch? 

It offers a smooth surface so that your child can play without the risk of injury. Alongside this benefit, the red mulch decreases the amounts of dust as well as the growth of weeds, fungi, and moss, whoa!

Talking about Compatibility, 

the mulch right here is suitable to use in both summer and rainy season; it won’t blow away so easily. And you know what? The color will stand up to 12 years at a stretch, pretty impressive, right?

ASTM Certified Redwood Mulch

Well, this ASTM certified redwood mulch dries rather quickly as compared to the typical models. It adds extra beauty to your playground and improves the fertility of the soil. 

See, you can kill two birds with one stone by getting your hands on this red mulch!

  • Constructed with 100% recycled rubber with no metal
  • Contains 16 pounds of weight for covering 0.8 Cu. Ft.
  • The color can stand for about 12 years
  • ASTM certified red mulch dries pretty quickly

03. Vigoro HDVCRMN8CB Rubber Mulch

Vigoro HDVCRMN8CB Rubber MulchVigoro HDVCRMN8CB Rubber MulchVigoro HDVCRMN8CB Rubber Mulch

With a weight of 20.1 pounds, this Vigoro Rubber Mulch is capable of covering 6.4 square feet of area. This one right here could be another safe choice for play areas, also pretty well for most of the plants.

It won’t attract termites, ants, or pets, as well as keep the soil always away from weed growth. Since there is no metal included in it, your child could play with a lot of fun by eliminating the risk of injury.

Reliable, Flexible, and Long-lasting

The makers of this item have used 100% recycled tires to make it more reliable, flexible, and long-lasting. Everyone will love the red color it comes with; this one could match perfectly with the office buildings, park, playground, and side of the garden.

Like our previous pick, Vigoro HDVCRMN8CB Rubber can withstand harsh weather conditions, meaning you can easily use it in winter, summer, and rain. While raining, it won’t blow away with the water and during the summer, it won’t lose its color due to the extreme sunlight, wow!

How Does the Growth to Decrease?

The growth of fungi and moss will automatically decrease if you get your hands on this one; it is anti-toxic and keeps soil well-warmed. And good to know, the water retention ability is comparatively good.

So, from now on, you can minimize the extra hassle of watering over and over again.

  • Covers 6.4 sq. ft. of space
  • Non-toxic and made with recycled tires
  • Higher water retention rate and lower chance of weed growth
  • Ideal for your garden and playground

04. Scotts 2 Cu Ft Sierra Red Nature Scapes Mulch


Are you searching for an easy solution to get rid of irritating weed growth? If the answer is ‘yes,’ make sure to select this one from Scotts. With its efficient ingredients, it will stop growing moss, weed, fungi, or such kind of things.

The mulch can increase the growth of plants, whether it is shrubs, trees, vegetables, or stuff like that. Its efficient components will protect the soil from being damaged; in fact, the poisonous insects will stay out of the area where you have applied Scotts Mulch.

The Coverage Capacity

We did not talk about the coverage capacity yet, did we? Well, this one is designed to cover up around 2 Cu. Ft. And the unique part? It comes with a color guard to guarantee the best and long-lasting color ever.

Thankfully, the best mulch retains soil moisture pretty well and takes a long time to discompose. So, you won’t have to worry about replacing mulch frequently.

A Weather-Friendly Mulch

You can call it a weather-friendly mulch; this one suits perfectly with both hot and cold weather conditions; for example, it won’t lose its appearance even if the summer is at the peak (higher temperatures).

Plus, those mulch will stay in place and won’t flow away with the water while raining.

  • Compatible with 2 Cu. Ft of area
  • A weather-friendly mulch
  • Equipped with a color guard feature
  • Holds soil moisture very well

05. Playsafer Red Rubber Mulch

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Here is one of the best innovations in landscaping, the Playsafer PL-RED Mulch. It is an exceptional protection surface for a playground, which minimizes the occurrence of accidental injuries.

With less maintenance, this champ right here dries very quickly after rain. What about the weight and coverage capacity? Whoa! It is huge!

The red much comes with 2000 pounds for covering a maximum of 300 square feet of the surface. You will get 50 individual packs, and each boasts 40lbs of weight.

99% Steel-Free Material

It is made of recycled scrap tires with over 99% steel-free material for making it safe, smooth, and friendly with children. This is the reason why your son can keep himself away from unexpected injuries while playing.

Not only the product is safe, but it is also a better option for increasing the overall beauty of the lift-gate, sidewalk, office building, garden, or park.

It is Insanely Awesome

The exquisite “red” makes it insanely awesome; anyone can get a positive feeling after using it in the garden; trust us, it can dramatically change the whole appearance.

And the best thing about this red mulch is, the color won’t be dull within 12 years, guaranteed!

  • Huge covering capacity, around 300 square feet
  • 99% steel free and 100% recycled scrap tires
  • Adorable red color for adding beauty
  • Color guarantee for up to 12 years.

06. Longleaf Colored Pine Straw Red Mulch 


This one from Colored Pine Straw equips a total of five bags per box. Each can cover a maximum of 25 square feet with a 2-3-inch thickness. The material it has used is completely composed of chopped pine straw, which is undoubtedly, over 99.99% natural.

Since there is no existence of harmful contaminants, it is pretty safe for all types of plants and soil. It will last for a long-time, hopefully, 2-3 times more.

As a result, Longleaf Pine Straw could be a good option for those who want to stay away from mulching frequently.

Let’s Tell You the Wow Factor! 

Just like a typical sunscreen protects our skin from extreme temperatures, this colorant defends the whole stuff against UV radiation.

This is the secret why the color of this product will last for longer. And the color seems pretty natural and blends perfectly with the environment.

  • Organic mulch consists of chopped pine straw
  • Offers 5 packs and each covers up to 25 sq. ft.
  • 100% natural and free from harmful ingredients
  • Saves against UV radiation for longer use

07. Preen Mulch Plus Weed Barrier, Russet Red

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The Preen 95456134 Mulch is well-known as a weed barrier. Once you apply it on your land or garden, there will be no growth of weeds, moss, or fungi for at least six months. It withstands every weather and doesn’t flow away during rainfall.

The color of this mulch is our favorite “red,” and it will match perfectly with a wide variety of places, including sidewalks, office buildings, hotels, gardens, parks, and many more.

You won’t have to deliver it to the soil repeatedly, it won’t decompose too soon, and the color will stay in better condition year-round.

It Can Cover about 2 Cu. Ft.

The model offers a single pack that can cover about 2 Cu. Ft. Since the item seems easy to spread and requires less maintenance, anyone can accomplish the mulching task successfully. When it comes to construction, the manufacturer of Preen 95456134 has used recycled tires and no metals. 

The mulch equips a certain amount of essential ingredients and no harmful components to make sure better growth of plants.

  • Capable of covering around 2 Cu. Ft.
  • The red mulch is pretty simple to apply
  • Known as a weed barrier and free from toxic components
  • Ideal to use in sidewalks, gardens, parks, etc.

08. Longleaf Pine Straw – Colored Red Mulch


This is our last and final pick from Colored Pine Straw, which is 100% free from harmful contaminants. It holds moisture pretty well during the summer season and keeps the soil well-warmed during rain and cold.

The color of this mulch is usually red that fits with most of the areas. What about the size? Well, each pallet offers 90 bags, and each bag is able to cover an area of 25 square feet (depth will be 2-3 inches approximately).

100% Natural and Safe

The maker of this product claims that it is 100% natural and safe for shrubs, trees, vegetables, and other types of plants. This straw will last for a long period, and we guarantee that it will look 2-3 times more beautiful than the typical one.

Thankfully, the colorant protects the thing against UV inhibitors, which is why the color will stay in good condition even if the temperature is way too high.

Not only this chopped straw is protective against sunlight, but also it won’t blow or flow away during heavy rainfall.

  • The straw retains moisture in summer and keeps the soil warm in the winter
  • Contains 90 packs with 2250 square feet of coverage capacity
  • 100% natural pine straw and safe for all
  • Offers better protection against UV inhibitors
  • Can withstand hot temperature and heavy rainfall at the same time

09. Dalen Perforated Red Mulch, Made in The USA

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On the very first of our red mulch reviews, we have got the Dalen Red Mulch Film. It has everything to be on your preference list. And guess what? It might be the best red mulch that you were looking for. The mulch is versatile and ensures maximum growth of plants.

Unlike the black film, this red-colored mulch has got more capability for enhancing the growth of tomatoes. Not only tomato, but this one can also be used for those kinds of fruits which basically grow above the ground, including melons, strawberries, and many more.

It Holds Moisture As Well

The mulch holds moisture very well and controls the growth of weed. That means you can keep your soil always fertile and away from wild plant growth by applying it.

It is easy-peasy when we talk about the way of utilizing it; consequently, there is no need to follow a specific guide, and you even don’t have to be an expert to make the whole job done! The soil will stay well-warmed for a long period of time.

What Do Neighbors Say to See?

After using it, you can get the “wow” response from your neighbors and family members; the item packs a deep red color to increase the beauty of a place.

Speaking of the coverage area, the versatile red mulch can entirely cover up to 72 square feet, impressive, eh? Well, anyone can pick this up to utilize it in the park, garden, or office buildings.

  • Ensures 20% more growth as compared to the black film
  • Can hold moisture and cut down the possibility of weed growth
  • Able to cover no less than 72 square feet of area
  • The mulch is compatible with tomatoes, strawberries, watermelons, etc.

How to Choose the Best Red Mulch for Garden?

Picking the best red mulch is a tough job. In case you pick the wrong item, chances are you will get some negative feedback! So, if you want to know which one is ideal for your garden or playground, make sure to check this buyer’s guide from head to toe. The section is loaded with a few core factors.

How to Choose the Best Red Mulch

Note down the things below:

1. The Type

Yes, this is the first and most important task. Around the universe, you will find different types of mulches to choose from, including wood mulch, rubber nuggets, and pine straw. If you want to cover up a playground for child safety, rubber nugget is, hands down, the best solution.

On the other side, if you want to prevent weed growth and increase soil fertility, then our recommendation is to choose between pine straw and wood mulch.

2. Size

Choosing the size depends on the area where you are going to throw some layer of red mulch. Let’s say if your land is around 25 square feet, then it will be a BIG WASTE to invest in those which are packed for 1000+ square feet of area.

This is the reason why a customer should measure the whole surface before getting a packed mulch.

Listen, if your garden or playground appears to be large, then, of course, you have to spend some more cash on costly items.

3. It Should Be Free from Harmful Substances 

To maintain soil fertility and users’ safety, the red mulch that you are going to buy should be free from toxic components.

Poisonous mulch could cause a couple of health issues, and it is quite dangerous for children and pets as well.

4. Weather-Friendly Mulch is a Must!

Weather-Friendly Mulch is a Must!

Before you get yourself a red mulch, ensure that it is weather-friendly or not. Your product should be compatible with all weather conditions, which means it should withstand extreme temperatures.

Plus, a weather-friendly red mulch won’t flow away during heavy rain.

5. The Color Should Be Adorable and Long-lasting

Red mulch is highly effective for increasing the overall beauty of the garden, park, and sidewalk. But guess what? It is nothing without its exquisite color! So, the color of mulch should be charming, bright, and of course, long-lasting. 

Don’t ruin the whole aesthetic of your garden by choosing a mulch with a dull appearance.

FAQs Regarding Red Mulch

Question: Is it necessary to provide mulch in the garden?

Answer: Of course, mulching a garden is essential for controlling weed growth, soil erosion, and protecting the plants from harsh weather conditions. It will also increase soil fertility and enhance the whole appearance of the garden.

Question: What is the best way to stop weed growth?

Answer: In a nutshell, you have to block the entire area where sunlight reaches. Make sure to get your hands on any thick mulch (nearly 3 to 5 inches) to block the light completely.

Question: What is the best way to clean rubber mulch?

Is it necessary to provide mulch in the garden?

Answer: Rubber mulch is a bit heavy rather than traditional wood mulch. So, it requires something powerful to accomplish the job successfully.

In our opinion, a leaf blower could be a better option to clear the dust or debris out from the mulch.

Question: How often should I clean the mulch?

Answer: There is no particular rule, though; however, we suggest cleaning the mulch once a month (if possible) to maintain the aesthetic.

Question: Which one is the best for playgrounds?

Answer: Rubber Mulch Nuggets from Playsafer is one of the best red mulch for playgrounds. It is non-toxic, weather-friendly, and the color lasts for 12 years.

There is no metal included, which is why it could be a safe option for your child as well.


That was our complete article on the best red mulch. Hope you have made your valuable decision about choosing a specific one; if not, then our suggestion is to give a second read on the buyer’s guide to make your final purchase easier!

Red mulch is one of the best solutions for making your playgrounds and flower beds look WOW year-round. The soil can get extra nutrients as a supplement if you provide adequate amounts of mulch. So, go and boost both the fertility and aesthetic of your garden.

Happy Mulching!

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