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Best Tile Adhesive Reviews (BUYING GUIDE)

Top 10 Best Tile Adhesives In 2022 (Complete Buying Guide)

Picture this, you’ve moved into your new house, and you see that the floor tiles are in terrible condition. The tile job might’ve been of pretty low quality. So, you’ve to take matters into your own hands. And it’s pretty easy to redo the installation if you know what you’re doing.

The main thing that you’ll need is a good floor tile adhesive. But with so many products to choose from, it can get challenging to pick the best one for you.

Best Tile Adhesive Reviews (BUYING GUIDE)

Don’t worry; we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to help you find the best tile adhesive. If you’ve got the proper skills and the right product, your floor will look and feel astonishing in just a couple of days.

Our Top 10 Best Tile Adhesives

With so many choices in the market, things can get really confusing quite quickly. Thus, we’ve brought together 10 great-quality adhesives for your convenience.

01. Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive

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Let’s start our list with one of the top sellers on the market. Our first adhesive is from Gorilla, and if you’re confused, you can assume that the strength of the adhesive will keep your tiles in place with the strength of a gorilla.

Well, it might not be as strong as the beast, but you get the point.

A Construction Adhesive

You can get this construction adhesive in a couple of different packs. If you only have one project to work on, buying a single pack should be the way to go. But if you’re working on something big, you can opt for the six-pack version too.

This beast of an adhesive doesn’t only work on tiles surfaces; you can use it on multiple surfaces, both outdoors and indoors. You might sometimes be scared of traditional glues getting loose and coming off.

Well, you’ll be delighted to find out that this adhesive will hold strong, even when it’s raining heavily.

The Fast Grab Technology

Imagine having to wait minutes for the traditional glues to dry. You don’t have to worry about waiting as the Fast Grab technology holds in just 30 seconds with the Gorilla.

We did find one gripe about the Gorilla, though. If you don’t keep it in a confined space, the glue tends to dry up in the bottle.

So, make sure you’re keeping it in the right place, and you’ll do just fine.


  • Durable construction adhesive that will make your tiles stay attached for a long time
  • It’s versatile, so you can use it on multiple surfaces
  • Fast Grab technology holds in around 30 seconds
  • The composition is perfect for withstanding all weather conditions
  • Low odor so you don’t have to deal with foul smells

02. Loctite Polyseanseal Tub and Time Adhesive Caulk

41Aul2YqUcL. SL500

Here, we have a fascinating tile adhesive from Loctite. If you haven’t heard of them, you must’ve been living under a rock. The brand is notorious for featuring some of the best products at unbelievable prices. And this tile adhesive is no different.

Albeit you can only get this adhesive in white, you probably won’t see it after applying, so it certainly isn’t a bummer.

You get around 5.5oz from the whole tube, which would be enough to cover a simple project.

Excellent Seal

The excellent seal will block any sort of mildew or mold from growing. So, if your old tiles have a hollow center, which makes things unbearable, you won’t have to worry about the same with the Loctite.

Once you’re done with tiles, you can keep the rest for later or use them in other projects to install glass, porcelain, or even fiberglass.

You won’t have to deal with the annoyingly stiff adhesives if you’re using this one.

A Different Adhesives

If you’re tired of those traditional adhesives that smell bad, the low odor of this one will help you give these adhesives another thought.

One thing we didn’t like is how this tends to compress when the layer is pretty thin. So, apply generously to avoid any cracks.


  • Low odor makes the environment more comfortable to work in
  • Prevents mold and mildew and protects your tiles
  • Works on glass, porcelain, and fiberglass too
  • Durable adhesive so it will last long

03. Henry Flooring Adhesive


You probably haven’t heard about the brand as it doesn’t spend a lot in the marketing department. But the professionals who’ve used it know that it’s pure quality.

And this bucket full of high-strength adhesive is here to make its mark.

A Top Manufacturers

The brand is one of the top manufacturers for flooring installations, and that includes tiles too. Its adhesives come in a large bucket instead of the smaller tubes that we’ve previously mentioned. You can pick from a variety of adhesives.

Once you’re done installing floor tiles, you’ll have a lot of the adhesive left over. This one’s quite practical for professional projects.

And what’s more is that you can use this on carpets, cork sheets, and vinyl too.

Low Odor

If you’re worried about it making your workspace smelly, don’t fret. This bucket of goodies has a solvent-free, low-odor mixture in it. You’ll also be greeted with strong bond integrity.

So, you don’t have to worry about it coming off.

Antimicrobial protection

The entire adhesive also comes with antimicrobial protection, so you don’t have to worry about anything getting in between your tiles and the adhesive.

Our only complaint is that it takes a longer time to dry, thus be careful with that.


  • Versatile thus allows use on multiple surfaces
  • Low odor, so you can work without any smell
  • The antimicrobial protection keeps anything from getting in between surfaces
  • Its bond integrity keeps it going for years

04. Red Devil Tile Paste Adhesive


Don’t back out by reading the company’s name just yet, as Red Devil is more than what meets the eye. This is one of the top sellers and for a good reason.

So, let’s talk about why you should pick this one. If you’re working on a small project to apply tiles on a single wall, then a single pack will suffice.

But if you think you need a higher quantity, you can easily opt for the 12-pack, and you’ll feel like you won’t run out of these.

Tile Paste does precisely what it’s supposed to, and tangibly.

How Easy to Apply 

The easy-to-apply adhesive doesn’t even need any sort of troweling. And since the paste has a standard consistency, you don’t have to worry about uneven applications.

If you’re worried about working with different types of tiles, don’t fret. This guy can work their magic on all sorts of tiles.

The strength of adhesion is strong enough to keep the bond for years to come.

Prevent Any Mold

Once cured, the adhesive will make a seal that will prevent any mold from entering the surface and damaging it. The paste will hold its color too, and you don’t have to worry about the foul smell.

We did have one problem with the paste, though. It dries up quickly if you don’t keep it at the right temperature. So, keep it in a darker place.


  • It’s easy to apply, and you don’t need any troweling
  • Right consistency allows even application
  • Works on different types of tiles
  • Prevents the formation of mold and mildew

05. ARDEX LLC Henry Vinyl Repair Adhesive

31s71PptsdL. SL500

Here’s another one from Henry. So, you can guess how famous the brand is since it snuck its way into our list. Apart from being a bestseller for professionals, this one has some pretty fascinating features.

The last Henry product came in a giant bucket, but this one doesn’t. This little guy chose to go in the traditional tubing.

But you can expect the same kind of bond strength from the two of them.

How Easy to Install?

If you’re trying to install ceramic or wooden tiles and you’re unsure which adhesive to go for, you can choose this one without a doubt. If reliability is something you desire, then opting for Henry is an excellent way to go.

If that’s not enough, you can also use this from Henry as a repairing adhesive. So, if you’re not planning to replace your old tiles completely, you can use this to strengthen the bond of previously applied tiles.

Vinyl Flooring

Even if you’re planning to work on vinyl flooring, you can observe some pretty serious results from the Ardex from Henry. But this does tend to peel off if you don’t apply it correctly.

So, watch some videos while applying.


  • A strong bond keeps the tiles attached for years
  • Works well with wooden and ceramic tiles
  • Attaches well with rubber and provides added grip
  • Can be used for repairing too

06. DAP Weldwood Multi-Purpose Tile Adhesive

All professionals love products from the DAP store. And this Weldwood multipurpose ceramic tiles adhesive is no different. The giant bucket of sticky goodness is any worker’s dream.

So, let’s take a look at why you should consider it.

Before moving into the features, you should know that you can get this in a couple of different versions. You can either opt for the 1 Quart version or the bigger Gallon version.

So, if you have a big project to take on, you know where to look.

The DAP Adhesive

If you’re working on a house project and want your tiles to stick, the DAP adhesive will have you covered. You’ve probably had a hard time spreading traditional non-branded adhesives.

Well, this one can be applied quite easily.

The Quick Grab technology establishes a stronghold within minutes. So, you can leave it, get a cup of tea and see that it’s stuck in place. What’s more impressive is the adhesive’s water resistance.

So, you can kiss the leaks goodbye.

No Need to Trowel

Even though you don’t need to trowel with this one, you can do it quite easily if need be. And if you’re worried about starting a fire accidentally, don’t fret as this one is perfectly nonflammable.

Just keep in mind that you might need a lot of this stuff for a secure application. So, you should probably be prepared.

This is definitely on the top three, even if it isn’t the best floor tile adhesive.


  • Nonflammable, so you don’t have to worry about starting a fire
  • Works with wooden and ceramic tiles
  • The quick-dry system establishes a hold in minutes
  • Water-resistance keeps moisture from getting in

07. Roberts 5900 Ceramic Tiles Adhesive


Roberts is a brand more and more people need to get acquainted with. They’re pretty new in the game, but they’re quite promising. Whether you want a whole gallon of this stuff or just one quart, Roberts will have you covered.

Meet All Your Requirements

The 5900 tile adhesive will meet all your requirements when you take on a project. You’ve probably had trouble mixing traditional adhesives before.

That’s not a problem with the Roberts 5900 as the whole bucket comes with a premixed solution.

If you’ve dealt with a fair share of slow-drying adhesives, then this one will put a smile on your face. Fast-drying is one of Roberts’ best attributes, and you can quickly spread it with minimum pressure.

For a Commercial Building

Whether you’re working on a project in your own house or for a commercial building, this bucket of goodness will get the job done. But we did have a gripe, though. 

The packaging could have been better, but the content is impressive.


  • Premixed adhesive, so it saves a lot of time
  • Dries fast and makes a stronghold
  • Great for ceramic and wooden tiles
  • Spreads quickly with less pressure

08. Custom Building Products SimpleSet Adhesive


Here is another premixed adhesive, and this time it’s from Custom Building Products. Their simplest line is one of their top-notch product lines, and this Thin-Set mortar is on par with the other offerings.

What Do You Get?

You’ll get a bucket full of tile adhesive to begin with. It’s premixed, so you don’t have to add any water and wait; pick a blob of adhesive up and start arranging your tiles.

If you’re looking for the best wall tile adhesive for a shower, then this is one heck of a contender.

Also, you’ll recognize the colors on the packaging the moment you see it. That’s because the company is pretty standard among professional construction workers.

You can make this work with floor tiles and mosaic projects too.

The Thin-set Mortar

The thin-set mortar ensures an even application with minimum effort. You can do just fine with the Quart bucket.

Our only gripe about this one is that it takes a longer time to dry than the other tile adhesives on the list.


  • Premixed adhesive so you don’t have to mix in water
  • The one-quart bucket will be more than enough for any project
  • Great for wall tiles application in showers
  • Can be used in mosaic projects too

09. Henry 314 Premixed Mastic Adhesive 


This is probably the third time we’ve brought a Henry product to you on the same list. What are the odds of that? Well, we had to! Because they keep on coming with their high-quality tile adhesives. Let’s see how this one fairs against the others.

Another Budget Option

The 314 from Henry is another budget option from the company. It comes in a quart bucket, and you can slowly start to see why this one is value for money.

This big guy is from their ReadySet lineup, so you don’t have to mix anything.

If you’re done with your tiles project, you can leave the rest for future projects because this thing is undoubtedly efficient. If you don’t have any tiles projects to work on, you can even use them for vinyl and porcelain.

A Bad News

But it isn’t all good news. We’ve seen that some tiles may come off if you don’t leave them for a certain period. So, be careful before fiddling around, and you should be good to go.


  • Premixed tile adhesive for low-effort work
  • You can use this on multiple surfaces, including concrete and vinyl
  • One bucket is more than enough for a simple project
  • High efficiency if you can give the tiles time to dry

10. Henry 430 Clear Thin Spread Floor Tile Adhesive


We’ve kept one of the best for last. And guess what? That’s right, another one from Henry. They make so many versions of adhesives that you probably have to compare products from just their brand.

The one-quart bucket should be enough to get you going with your house project. But you can always order a couple to be on the safer side.

The Unique Feature

The unique feature of this tile adhesive is that it’s an apparent thin spread. So, you can spread it with a minimum gap. This also ensures a tighter seal around the edges to prevent moisture from getting in, let alone dust particles.

If you’re tired of the boring white and grey adhesives, this will come to you as a surprise.

Clear Adhesive

This clear adhesive can get things done with just enough precision. It doesn’t emit any foul odor while you’re working with it, so that’s another win.


  • The one-quart version is enough for most house projects
  • Low-odor adhesive, so you can breathe easily while working with it
  • The transparent texture holds up just fine
  • A tight seal keeps moisture from getting in

Our Best Tile Adhesives’ Comparison Table

Product Name Features
Gorilla Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive• Works on multiple surfaces • Fast grab technology • Low odor
Loctite Polyseanseal Tub and Time Adhesive Caulk• Works well on tiles and wood • Quick-dry technology • No lousy smells
Loctite 9 Ounces Tile Adhesive• Can work with tiles, bricks, and wood • Allows repositioning for up to 15 minutes • Air quality certified
Henry Flooring Adhesive• Versatility to work on a number of substrates • Antimicrobial protection • Comparatively lower odor
Red Devil Tile Paste Adhesive• Works on different types of tiles • Perfect consistency • Emits low chemical odor
Henry Ardex Tile Adhesive• Perfect for ceramic and wooden tiles • Can be used for repairing • Follows the air quality certification
DAP Weldwood Multi-Purpose Ceramic Tile Adhesive• Works well with wooden and ceramic tiles • Fast-drying technology • Non-flammable
Roberts 5900 Ceramic Tiles Adhesive• Perfect for ceramic tiles • Quick-dry system with a stronghold • Spreads quickly with less pressure
Custom Building Projects SimpleSet Adhesive (Thin Set)• Great for tiles and mosaic • Recommended for shower wall tiles • Premixed adhesive
Henry 314 Premixed Mastic Adhesive• Works with vinyl and wood along with tiles • Premixed adhesive • Higher efficiency
Red Devil 0498 House and Home Restore Tile Adhesive• Works with multiple types of tiles • Creates a tight seal • VOC compliant and generates the low odor
DAP 136 Weldwood Floor Tile Adhesive• Latex-based adhesive with higher pressure sensitivity • Easy to reposition • Transparent adhesive with no residue
Henry 430 Clear Thin Spread Floor Tile Adhesive• Great for house tile projects • Creates a tight seal to prevent moisture entry • Low odor adhesive

How to Choose the Best Tile Adhesive?

With that out of the way, let’s move on to the different factors that you should consider before buying tile adhesives.

1. Type of Surface

The first thing you should keep in mind before you make your purchase is the type of surface you’re going to be using this on. Some adhesives work on multiple surfaces, while others tend to stick with just a couple.

Type of Surface For Tile Adhesive

So, if you’re planning to work on tiles projects, you should check which of the adhesives are useful for tiles.

Usually, most adhesives go well with tiles, and some of them additionally support vinyl, porcelain, wood, or other types of ceramics.

2. Color

The color factor comes into play when you’re applying this to the sides of tiles. A remarkable fact about these adhesives is that they work quite well as sealants too. So, if you’re planning to keep water from getting in between the tiles and the flooring, you can use these.

Color of Tiles and Adhesive

White tile adhesives do just fine with any project. But if you want the color to match your tiles, who’re we to judge?

Gray-colored tile adhesives are also getting quite popular among professionals. So, choose according to your needs.

3. Setting Time

Setting times can differ in priorities depending on the project you’re working on. It’s quite normal to leave the adhesives to dry for a day in some long-term projects. But if you’re in an emergency, you would typically want one that dries faster.

Setting Time of Tile Adhesive

The setting time can actually determine the best tile glue at times. Usually, picking an adhesive that sets and dries off in a couple of minutes can be labeled as quick-dry.

Quick-dry bonds tend to dry faster than normal ones. If you need that feature, look out for the quick-dry quality, and you should be good to go.

4. Flexibility

Imagine taking the whole day to align your tiles, and then you find out that the alignment is off. If you’re a fan of traditional tile adhesives, you might start to bang your head against a wall at this point. But the newer adhesives tend to stay flexible for a longer time.

Flexibility of Tile Adhesive

This allows you to work on the tiles even after application. You can adjust the angles and make the necessary adjustments.

So, if you’re prone to making silly mistakes while measuring, you can opt for an adhesive that dries fast but stays flexible for a significant period.

Different Types of Tile Adhesive

If you don’t have a good idea about the different adhesives, you’ll have a more challenging time choosing. So, this will enlighten you. The two commonly used adhesives are powdered adhesives and ready-mixed pastes.

1. Powdered Adhesives

First up are powdered adhesives. These come as powders, as the name suggests. The application involves an extra step, so you should back off if you don’t want the extra work. You’ve got to add water to the powder and create the mixture.

Powdered Adhesives for Tiles

Even though they might require a bit more time and effort, many professionals opt for these types of adhesives. Why you may ask. The answer is pretty simple; they tend to develop a superior bond.

Powdered adhesives are said to hold together more robust substrates. So, if you’re working with stone tiles or thicker porcelain tiles, going with powdered adhesives should be your best bet.

2. Ready Mixed Paste

The other type is the more common, ready mixed pastes. You can see from our list that most of them are ready mixed. They’ve come a long way, and they can probably overtake the benefits of powdered adhesives down the road.

Ready Mixed Paste for Tiles

But for now, they do offer a weaker bond compared to the powdered ones. The main reason why these are so popular is that they come prepared. You don’t have to spend time on any sort of mixing and can get straight to work.

They’re pretty easy to apply, and it suits nonprofessionals. Just squeeze the adhesives onto the substrate, and you can give yourself a pretty solid hold.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably still have a lot of queries. Don’t worry; these frequently asked questions might help you out!

Can ready-mixed adhesive get the job done?

Yes, of course. They’re used as basic tile glue nowadays. Also, they provide a strong enough bond without having to put in much effort.

How much adhesive do I need?

How to Choose the Best Tile Adhesive

According to a formula, you’ll need around 3.9 lbs. of adhesive for every square meter if the depth is 1mm. You don’t have to be precise; make sure it’s not all over the place.

Is choosing a color important?

Most of the adhesives come either in grey or white. This only matters if you’re concerned about the looks of the tiles. A grey floor tile adhesive usually works quite well.

Do I need different adhesives for floor and wall tiles?

No, in most cases, you can finish the job with the same adhesive. But if you’re concerned with the looks, you can opt for white wall tile adhesives.

Which type of adhesive is the strongest?

If all you want is brute strength, go for the powdered tile adhesives.


Whether you’re looking for the best adhesive for tiles or any sort of tile glue, picking the right one is critical. If you’re reading this, you probably didn’t have a ton of ideas on these adhesives. All the bonds on our list have their quirks and features.

So, you’ve to choose from the features you absolutely need for your project. Compare the features and check if they suit your needs. You can rest assured because you can rely on any one of these.

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