Can You Reuse Wall Anchors?

Can You Reuse Wall Anchors? Effective 10 Steps With FAQs

Wall anchors are handy mounts. You can use them to hang things such as photo frames, mirrors, shelving on walls, clocks, and so on.

Imagine you have hung a photo frame of getting first prize in a competition. But you want to change the location. For that, can you reuse wall anchors? Yes, you can reuse wall anchors by taking some steps, or buying reusable anchors also works. Reusing them will save you from purchasing another wall anchor and recycling the old one.

What Is A Wall Anchor?

A wall anchor or a drywall anchor is an insert that works in tandem with a screw. It creates firm-mount hollow walls or drywall panels. The anchor goes between the drywall and the screw, which helps grip the drywall more efficiently than just with a screw.

What Is A Wall Anchor?

We know you want to see the answer to the question, can I remove and reuse wall anchors? Before that, there are some things you must know about.

How To Use A Wall Anchor Properly?

The steps are similar to the many types of anchors you use.

  • First, mark the point where you want to put the wall anchor.
  • Then make a pilot hole smaller than the width of your anchor.
  • Tap the anchor into the hole using a rubber hammer, for instance.
  • Set in the screw to your desired depth.

How To Remove Wall Anchor Properly?

Removing wall anchors is an easy task. With needle-nose pliers, you can effortlessly remove wall anchors properly.

How To Remove Wall Anchor Properly?
  • Grab the anchor head or collar firmly with your pliers.
  • Gently rock back and forth with your pliers.
  • Wiggle the anchor while rocking.
  • With a bit of time and force, the anchor will come out.

Now you know some of the essential things regarding wall anchors. Now, it’s time to discuss “how to reuse wall anchors.”

How To Reuse Wall Anchors?

So, can you use a wall anchor twice? Of course, you can. Below are the steps you need to follow for reusing your wall anchors.

How To Reuse Wall Anchors?
  1. First, figure out if they are reusable or not. Usually, the plastic anchors are not reusable.
  2. The next task is to unscrew the screw inside the anchor.
  3. You can manually pull it out or use an automatic screwdriver. Retract the screw slowly.
  4. While unscrewing the screw, the anchor will also come out. So do the previous step very carefully.
  5. Check if there are any broken parts.
  6. If the screw is half broken or has expanded, you cannot reuse them.
  7. Otherwise, you can take the screw and reuse it. For that, mark the new spot where you want to reuse the wall anchor.
  8. Drill a pilot hole at the marked spot.
  9. Hammer in carefully the old wall anchor.
  10. Put a screw using an automatic screwdriver or manually.

Follow these steps to reuse your drywall anchors. But you should consider getting better reusable wall anchors if you regularly use and reuse drywall anchors for efficiency.

Top Questions About Wall Anchors?

Many frequently asked questions related to wall anchors are: Can you take a screw out of a drywall anchor and put it back in? How do you remove reused drywall anchors? Etc. the answers to those questions are below.

FAQs Regarding Wall Anchors

Can you take a screw out of a drywall anchor and put it back in?

If you put the screw in tightly then you can not take the screw out of the drywall and put it back in. Screwed-in wall anchors tightly grip the hole they are screwed into and the moment you pull the screw out, the grip gets loosened. With the screw, the anchor comes out as well.

How do you remove reused drywall anchors?

Removing reused drywall anchors is the same as eliminating drywall anchors used the first time. Use your pliers to pull them out carefully. You can also use a screwdriver and fit it inside the anchor’s mouth. After fitting the screwdriver, turn it counter-clockwise. Slowly the anchor will come out.

How do you remove unwanted wall anchors?

In the middle of screwing a wall anchor, if you figure out that the anchor is not necessary. You can pull out the anchors or screw them out using a screwdriver and follow the same process mentioned earlier.


Can you reuse wall anchors? Yes, you can, and you know how to reuse them now. Reusable wall anchors are best if you are regularly using wall anchors. Sometimes the wall anchors get broken while removing them, and if that’s the case, then you might not be able to reuse them. But unbroken anchors can be safely reused.

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