How Do Motorized Blinds Work and Shades?

How Do Motorized Blinds and Shades Work? 7 Important Things

, if you still don’t use motorized blinds, it’s high time to consider your next home investment. A few years back, motorized blinds were considered advanced technology and tough to afford.

But nowadays, smart blinds and shades become essential parts of one’s home and office. They are safe and protective.

The way smart blinds work prevents several problems that households use to face nowadays. Motorized shades and blinds do not only protect one’s home from harmful UV rays, but they do way more than this.

In some states, people used to use motorized blinds as their security tool. Not just because they are easy to use and maintain, but they are crucially effective.

How Do Motorized Blinds and Shades Work?

When we buy something, we look for some validation inside ourselves. Is this product suitable for our home, or does it fit well with me? This is a very common human psychology.

Once you get a satisfactory answer from yourself, you move forward.

  • How does it work? 
  • How long will it last?
  • Or is this price okay?

All sorts of questions start coming into your mind accordingly.

How Do Motorized Blinds and Shades Work?

In the case of motorized blinds and shades, you know why this is crucial and the core benefits they provide.

The question next to your mind is how they work.

And this is important not because it is a random curiosity, but also because it is related to your smart blind’s health and condition. 

If you know well how smart blinds work, it will be way easier to maintain them properly. Just because many of us don’t have adequate electronics knowledge, we fall short of duly taking care of them.

As I am studying this topic for the last few weeks, I have a clear understanding of how they work. While you own automation in your home, you should know this as well.

To get a solid understanding, we will start with basic knowledge.

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01. What do motorized blinds need to work? 

It needs three major components to run.

Motors of Motorized Blinds
  1. Power source
  2. Motors and
  3. Controls

02. Power

Like all other motors, you need a source of power to run your window motor. There are three basic ways to generate power for motors.

  • Batteries
  • Plug n play
  • Wired

03. Battery

In the case of light blinds, batteries work best. Most of companies offer battery-powered motor because it is easy to use and economical. The lifetime of a battery depends on the weight of your blinds and shades. The heavier the shades, the less the lifetime will be.

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04. Plug n Play

It may seem a comparatively newer electric system to you. No need to be worried. Your window treatment specialist will set this system up according to your shades’ design. You can get just a basic idea of how this system works.

Plug n Play Motorized Blinds

This system mainly works on two different types of current (AC n DC). Ac motors don’t need converters rather; they work directly into standard electric outlets. In the case of DC motors, they are converted from DC to AC current via transformers.

05. Wired

First of all, if you are not an electrician, please don’t try this by yourself. This could be dangerous.

Wired system installation is also known as hard-wired system installation. This system is no different than your entire house’s electric system. It is snaked behind the wall and most of the time done during the construction.

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As the motor is directly connected to the power supply, this is stronger than the other two types of installation. In the case of heavier shades and blinds, experts suggest this certain type of motor installation.

06. Motors

Here comes the interesting part. You probably didn’t hear before that every function of your motorized blinds requires different types of motors. Sounds interesting, ha?

But as a customer, it doesn’t require much to know about the motors in deep but let me tell you the basic things about them.

What does a motorized blinds need to work?

Did you hear about the tubular motor? This is the most used motor in your windows. This motor is responsible for opening and closing the vanes. In the case of metal and wood blinds, shaft drive motors facilitate the opening and closing of slats. Interesting!

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07. Controls

There are two major options to control your blinds; IR (infrared) and Radio Frequency. Both have different facilities. If you ask me personally, I would recommend Radio Frequency.

Radio Frequency is easy to use and goes through walls. You can control the entire home with one single remote.

You can also program group opening where all the blinds and shades will open and close at the same time. There is no worry about going out to control your blinds because you can control up to 65 away with your remote.

You can schedule openings and closings of your windows. Even when you are not at home, you can control your windows. So overall, I prefer this control system.

Final words

Now, you do not just wish to have motorized blinds or shades, but you know something about it. You don’t necessarily have to depend on an expert entirely. Therefore, you have your own choice and preference.

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