How to Dispose of Yard Waste? 7 Effective Ways

How to Dispose of Yard Waste? 7 Effective Ways

We all know how yard waste can really be an eyesore in our outdoor space. This waste can also block the walkways and even serve as a tripping hazard. However, cleaning this waste is no easy task at all. It requires time, energy, and also proper disposal.

If you are having a hard time dealing with your yard waste and wondering how to dispose of yard waste safely, this article can definitely help you out! Read on and you will surely know more.

What Is Yard Waste?

Yard waste is basically any organic waste that is in your yard. It includes grass trimmings, weeds, branches, bushes, leaves, and other debris from nature. Yard waste usually accumulates on its own when not cleaned regularly.

Outdoor projects like landscaping, gardening, and simply lawn care can also create yard waste.

How Does Yard Waste Affect the Environment?

Although yard waste is organic, not safely disposing of them can negatively affect the environment. Sending yard waste to landfills can take up much space.

Yard waste is also usually mixed and buried with other types of trash. As these waste materials decompose or break down, they release harmful emissions like methane and leachate.

Methane is considered a strong greenhouse gas that has flammable and explosive properties. This gas also has about 21 times more global warming potential compared to carbon dioxide.

On the other hand, leachate is water that carries contaminants from decomposed materials. Because of its liquid form, it can easily spread out and cause ground and water pollution.

Let’s Know How to Dispose of Yard Waste

While it is true that yard waste poses a harmful impact on the environment, there are still a number of ways to safely dispose of it. Below we’ve listed down 7 ways that answer your ultimate question “How do I dispose of yard waste?”.

Compost Yard Waste

01. Compost Yard Waste

Having a compost bin for your yard waste is always a good idea for waste disposal. To start a compost, you just need to pick a bin or dig a hole in your yard. 

Make sure that your compost has an opening so you can encourage the growth of microorganisms and speed up the decay process.

Make sure to only throw yard waste in your yard waste compost. Do not throw other waste materials like plastic on it unless they are labeled “compostable.”

Throwing various types of waste in your yard waste compost can negatively impact the quality of the finished compost.

02. Turn into Mulch

A mulch is a type of material that enriches and insulates the soil. It is composed of decaying leaves, bark, or compost. To turn your yard waste into mulch, you need to shred your yard waste into small pieces using a wood chipper then store your mulch in sacks. Finally, you can feel free to spread the mulch around or over your plants.

03. Drop at a Municipal Pickup Service

Municipal pickup services are government-backed waste and recycling services. Dropping your yard waste at a Municipal Pickup service is a quick and easy way to dispose of your waste.

Additionally, they are more knowledgeable in waste management so you can ensure that they will handle and dispose of your yard waste accordingly.

04. Subscribe to a Regular Pickup Service

Regular pickup services collect your yard waste directly from your home. You won’t need to drive to any locations and you can feel assured that they will dispose of your yard waste properly. On the downside, this service can be relatively expensive.

05. Hire a Junk Removal Service

A junk removal service is the best way to dispose of large amounts of yard waste. This service can get rid of all your waste.

They also transport and dispose of them quickly. This service can save you a lot of time and effort however, it can be costly.

06. Donate Yard Waste to a Friend or Neighbor

Gardening and outdoor projects have become extra popular nowadays as more people want to improve their living space. Because of this, it can be relatively easy to find a friend or neighbor who can turn your yard waste into something useful for their own yards.

07. Burn Your Yard Waste

Burning your yard waste is a quick way to clear up your piles of yard waste. It is cheap and also does less harm to the environment compared to throwing your yard waste into landfills. 

Although you can do anything on your private property, we recommend checking with your neighbor’s association or your local government first before burning.

FAQs Regarding Dispose of Yard Waste

Q. What can you do with yard waste in Indianapolis?

Like in any location, you can feel free to dispose of your yard waste by composting and turning it into mulch. You can also opt to use commercial waste disposal services. However, burning leaves is not allowed in Indianapolis.

Q. How do you dispose of large amounts of yard waste?

The best way to dispose of large amounts of yard waste is through the following:

  • Sign up for a trash collection service
  • Use a junk removal company
  • Renting a roll-off dumpster

Q. How do I dispose of yard waste in Los Angeles?

You can always dispose of your yard waste naturally by composting and turning your yard waste into mulch. You can also opt to sign up for waste collection services.

Your local waste hauler can help you in disposing of your yard waste as well. If you plan to burn your yard waste, you may need to secure an outdoor burn permit from your local authorities.


Having yard waste is inevitable. This type of waste is mostly from landscaping and other outdoor projects. It includes grass trimmings, weeds, branches, and more. Hence, regularly disposing of them is necessary to keep your yard clean and improve the appearance of your outdoor space. However, disposing of yard waste can be challenging from time to time.

Thankfully, you have many options to dispose of your yard wastes accordingly like composting, turning your waste into mulch, dropping it at a municipal pickup service, or subscribing to a regular pickup service. You may also opt to hire a junk removal service and donate and burn your yard waste.

Before disposing of your yard waste, always check with your local authorities to make sure that you are disposing of your waste accordingly and legally.

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