How to Install Studor Vent

How To Install Studor Vents? Effective 4 Steps + FAQs

Sometimes you may want to avoid passive venting pipes while remodeling your kitchen. Also, it becomes very hard sometimes to run a new vent line in the kitchen. You can’t find the existing sewer venting system because of any blockage caused by some structural elements.

And that’s when you may require using a studor vent, an air admittance valve, to ensure a proper vent for your kitchen sink. 

Do you know, how to install studor vent? But there will be so many times when you will have to change the studor vent on your own. Or you may have to fix the kitchen drainage problem without calling a professional plumber. 

So it is high time you learn how to install a studor vent instead of spending a bunch of money on a plumber.

Let’s Know “How to Install Studor Vent?”

Now we will talk about the installation process so that you can do it by yourself without paying your hard-earned money to a professional plumber. It’s very simple.

Ways to Install a Studor Vent?

01. Selecting the vent size

Studor AAV has to be installed on the top of the vent pipe. So the size of the studor AAV will completely depend on the size of the vent pipe. And the vent pipe has to be half of the drainage pipe.

So if the vertical drainage pipe is 4 inches, then it will require a vent pipe of at least 2 inches with a 2-inch studor AAV.

02. Fixing the placement

The best place to install the studor air admittance valve is in between the P-trap of a fixture and the drain outlet. Most plumbers install the AAV on the top of one leg of a sanitary tee where the other leg does the draining.

According to International Code Council regulations, There should be a minimum distance of 4 inches between the AAV and the fixture drain pipe. Also, the AAV should be mounted on top of a minimum 4-inch height.

But, it can go high as per your convenience maintaining the minimum requirement at any cost.

03. Get done with the PVC drain line

Before you install Studor AAV, you must attach the sanitary tee, PVC drain pipe, and P trap for your kitchen sink. After attaching all this, attach the studor AAV on a straight tee for suitable coupling. 

You can also attach it with a sanitary tee.

studor vent

04. Start Processing to Install Studor Vent

You can use glue or screw, whichever the vent requires, to attach the AAV with the sanitary tee pipe. An AAV can vent for more than one fixture at a time.

But in that case, you have to install the AAV 6 inch above the flood level of the longest fixture.

Some Additional Tips!

When you are installing an AAV, make sure that you keep it in a place where you can get access to change a new one if necessary. Because an AAV can go bad. You can hide it behind your kitchen sink or you can attach it to an accessible wall box near your kitchen sink.

Some Additional Tips!

Also, you have to keep it in a place where the air can easily access through the vent.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does The Studor Vent work?

In any case, if you don’t know what AAV is, let me tell you what it is. AAVs are the modern substitute for the conventional venting system we see that went through our roof. 

Unlike the old venting system, AAV responds to gravity. It’s actually a one-way vent that responds when there is a negative pressure in your drain pipe for water flow.

Thus, it allows the outside air to get into the drain pipe so that the water flow remains smooth. But when there is no water in the drain flowing, gravity closes the valve to prevent malodor from coming through it. And that’s how a studor vent works.

Is an air admittance valve (AAV) illegal by code?

Yes, you heard me right. There are still some states in the USA where you cannot install an AAV for venting purposes. The authority restricted the use of this mechanical device which can go bad. And when it does, the drainage system will collapse and that can prevent the other drainage system in the city from running smoothly.

But there are many states where AAVs are allowed to be installed. So it’s better if you can consult with your state plumbing authority before you decide to install AAVs.

Final Words

Installing a studor vent for your kitchen is too simple. If you have come to this point of this write-up, I can surely say that you don’t need to call a plumber next time when your kitchen’s studor vent goes bad. Because you know how to install studor vent yourself. Voila!

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