Best Burn Cages For Yard Waste (BUYING GUIDE)

Best Burn Cages For Yard Waste (BUYING GUIDE 2024)

Everyone believes burning your trash is not cool. Other than environmental issues it sure will play a role in shortening your life if you are burning trash daily. To do it safely, you need to get the best burn cages for yard waste.

Best Burn Cages For Yard Waste (BUYING GUIDE)

Burn cages are a sophisticated version of the burn barrel where you can safely and effectively burn sticks, twigs, branches, or other organic waste of your lawn or garden. We wouldn’t recommend it but you can also burn plastics and wrappers.

Now, these will cost you well hundred dollars or more so you better be well informed about buying one. Unless, you love getting those eyes from your neighbor.

What Is A Burning Cage?

What Is A Burning Cage?

A burn or burning cage is a steel container (often square or cylindrical) designed for burning yard debris, leaves, documents, cardboards, etc.

How Do You Use A Burn Cage?

Proper burn cage application can help you avoid a smoky and stinky scenario. To begin, make sure you place the trash bag into the cage properly. And don’t fill the cage with too much stuff, as it’ll smolder instead of a complete burn.

While feeding the trash bags, do it one by one and ignite the fire with a match. Keep the cage covered with the lid. The smoke should get out gently through the vent holes.

Finally, dispose of the ashes and store the unit in a suitable place.

How To Choose A Perfect Burn Cage For Yard Waste?

What Should I Look For In The Best Burn Cages For Yard Waste?

A burn cage gets you rid of all the things you don’t want in your yard. But buying the best one could be challenging.

Here we bring some of the factors you should consider while buying a burning cage.

01. Weight

Now let’s see the first product criteria you should consider while buying the burn cage. It’s the weight of the product. Here the rule of thumb for us would be to go for a product that’s large and well built yet lightweight enough to be able to move alone.

The heavier one is also less likely to fall over during strong winds. The ideal weight would be around 50 lbs; however, there are burn cages weighing up to 140 lbs for the largest one and a minimum of about 25lbs for the smallest. The larger the capacity, the more the weight of the product. So you can choose based on your preference.

02. Capacity

All burn cages are larger than regular 55-gallon burn drums. You can get a burning cage in the size range of 60 to 215 gallons.

All burn cages are larger than regular 55-gallon burn drums. You can get a burning cage in the size range of 60 to 215 gallons. But, the most popular size range for an incinerator is 63 to 85 gallons.

We also feel this size range is optimal to handle all your regular backyard trash. Going for a smaller one could be insufficient, and a larger one could be too heavy to handle. But again, it’s up to your needs to go for the right capacity.

03. Material

The material of the burn cage is probably the most significant factor to consider.

The material of the burn cage is probably the most significant factor to consider. Generally, a burning cage is constructed from thick steel (about 2mm) or stainless steel, while some models also use American steel.

Let’s find out which material you can choose and why.

A. Steel 

Steel is a fire-resistant and non-combustible material. It’s as good as stainless steel for burn cages if you’re not considering corrosion resistance. But it can warp, so make sure the model you choose is thick enough to withstand that.

B. Stainless steel

Corrosion and rust can be big enemies to your burn cage. And that’s why we prefer stainless steel over any other material for incinerators. But be careful with the thickness as some are less thick and prone to warping.

C. American steel

American steel is higher quality steel that undergoes rigorous testing. So it’s undoubtedly the most reliable material for burn cages, although you see very few models made of this material. And they could be quite expensive as well.

04. Warp resistance

Warp refers to losing shape or getting bent while burning. It’s the most common problem you’ll encounter in burn cages.

Warp refers to losing shape or getting bent while burning. It’s the most common problem you’ll encounter in burn cages. So it’s very important to find one made of warp resistance material.

Your burn cage shouldn’t deform at extreme temperatures (around 1600F). Even if it does, it should reconstruct quickly. Warping can cause the seams to pop and create issues with the disassembly/assembly procedure. You can buy a cage with a tab & slot design or use a round warp-resistant element around the burn cage to resolve it.

05. How easy to access ash

How easy to access ash?

Having easy access to the ash can be a deciding factor for burn cages. So we recommend going with an option that includes an ash catcher and an easy ash removal system.

An opening at the bottom of the unit, like a hinged door, could also help you dispose of the ash. So make sure to choose one such option if you can’t have an ash catcher installed in the unit.

06. Ease of assembly and disassembly

You’ll see most complaints about people not getting it right while assembling their burn cage. Most burn cages come disassembled and have an easy assembly process.

However, issues like hole alignment, panel bending, or inappropriate screws could complicate the task. So make sure your model has everything right to make the assembly easier. Also, check out if that’s easy to disassemble for shifting or transporting needs (although we advise not to disassemble your burn cage).

07. Storage

You won’t probably disassemble your burn cage to store it; rather, you’d use it in a suitable place after every use.

You won’t probably disassemble your burn cage to store it; rather, you’d use it in a suitable place after every use. A collapsible design can help in this case, which isn’t too common for burn cages out in the market.

But for easy maneuverability and storage, you can choose one with a handle to take in the right place when you’re done.

08. Price/Cost

Price is an important factor for every purchase. A good burn cage will cost you more than $300; however, cheaper and more expensive ones are available based on the capacity or feature.

09. Laws

The laws and restrictions that can stop you from burning include county laws, State Laws, City Laws, and HOA restrictions.

This factor isn’t related to the product itself; rather, it tells you whether you’re allowed to burn or not in the place you live in.

The laws and restrictions that can stop you from burning include county laws, State Laws, City Laws, and HOA restrictions. So all you need to do is make a few calls to the concerned authorities or google it to know whether these laws apply in your place.

You may get this information from different organizations such as the Local Fire Department, Forestry Division, or State’s Air Pollution Control Division.

Once you find out whether any of these laws restrict you from burning, you can make your buying decision. The rules may vary based on whether you live in the city or village or outside the local limits.

As far as we know, closed burns like burning in the cage are considered legal in most jurisdictions. But it’s always better to double-check to avoid getting into any trouble.

Our Top 7 Best Yard Waste Burn Cages Review

We went through a lot of these cages and now we can recommend seven of the best with confidence. I wanted to make it ten but couldn’t find the other three options that meet our standards.

Let’s learn about these options here and see why you should consider them to get rid of yard waste.

01. Professional Grade Products 9900000 Burn Barrel Incinerator Cage

Why It Stands Out to Us

The Tjernlund Incinerator Cage from Professional Grade Products is made of stainless steel, in fact, the heavy-gauge stainless steel. It really got us excited to review this product as such material is heat-proof, rust-proof, and promises to burn your yard waste for years.

It also comes with a functional lid and innovative vent holes for perfect combustion. So you can actually consider it as a fire cage for combustion garbage.

What More We Liked

We found it to be a perfectly adequate burn cage for the backyards. We liked how well it burns and how it allows you to optimize the burning with so many well-placed vent holes.

It uses a great design (cross braces) that lets the air come into the fire’s bottom to ensure a fast and adequate burning. The unit allows vertical airflow and a large column of fire to get in.

The cage sucks in slightly when you burn the waste inside it, but the material is strong enough to regain shape.

It comes with a convenient lid to ensure the safe and complete combustion of trapped waste.

The capacity of the burn cage is good enoug   h to burn a large quantity of the trash, including papers, leaves, brushes, etc.

What We Didn’t Like

The assembly of the product could’ve been made easier. Although it includes necessary screws, you could probably struggle to get the hole alignment right.


  • Well-designed vent holes allow efficient burning of large yard debris
  • Cross braces that provide a rigid and stable frame
  • Easy assembly that only takes less than 15 minutes.
  • Includes a lid that keeps lawn debris contained for complete and effective burning
  • Made with heavy and long-lasting stainless steel
  • Features an open bottom for easy cleanups
  • Withstands extreme temperatures
  • Ensures complete combustion
  • Adequate airflow with well-placed vent holes
  • Optimized burning
  • Slight deformation noted
  • Assembly isn’t the easiest

02. Blue Sky Outdoor Living SSBB-3222 Yard Debris Incinerator Bin

4188k9B5HfL. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

“Easy assembly and effective burning” — is the combination we’ve got in this burn cage from Blue Sky Outdoor Living.

It’s a ready-to-use burn cage to set up in your backyard. Apart from the 90-degree bottom bending requirement, you’ll like pretty much everything about its assembly.

You can use it to burn papers or trash that you don’t want to shred. It should burn them into ashes with perfection.

What More We Liked

The unit burns your yard waste effectively with some perfectly placed vent holes. It lets vertical airflow pass through the box for adequate burning.

The design is also aesthetic and suits your backyard pretty well.

The unit shows great endurance when you use it to burn trash. Although it slightly deforms, it reconstructs quite soon.

It has a convenient lid for a closed burn and complete combustion.

What We Didn’t Like

We feel the assembly should be made easier, especially the metal bending option, because the interior baffles aren’t that convenient to construct right-angle bends.

It doesn’t have an opening at the bottom, which could cause trouble disposing of ashes.


  • Made with rust-resistant and durable stainless steel
  • Fast and easy assembly with no tools required
  • Features a backyard friendly design that fits every landscape
  • Designed with a solid bottom to catch ash and other burning debris
  • Vent holes that allow good airflow and fast burning rate
  • Comes with a convenient lid to keep all debris inside for thorough burning
  • Constructed with rust-proof stainless steel
  • Aesthetical design
  • Includes many vent holes for perfect airflow
  • Convenient lid for a complete combustion
  • No convenient option for ash removal
  • Assembly is a little tricky

03. Buffalo Tools FCAGE Safeburn Fire Cage

51+v1CP5t6L. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

We’ve been looking for a premium importer who can bring some good burn cages for incinerating yard waste.

The FCage combusts all your yard debris so well that you can almost fill the waste to the brim without affecting the burning performance. It’s pretty convenient to assemble, and you can use it straight out of the box as your garden incinerator fire bin.

What More We Liked

It comes with many well-designed vent holes to ignite the blaze adequately. With air flowing in, you get everything done and dusted in a fair amount of time.

The cage is heavily built with stainless steel and is less likely to rust. It rather gets natural bluing due to the heat produced while burning.

The unit may slightly warp but reconstructs well before the next batch. But remember, even the most premium burn cages rust and warp.

It includes a lid that helps to combust everything very well.

What We Didn’t Like

There’s no opening at the bottom or an ash catcher to dump ashes.

The lid and side panels could slightly warp, but they should regain shape in some time.

The holes are a bit larger and could create a high burning flame.


  • Easy setup and assembly that only require you to unfold, install four corners, and position the top grate accordingly
  • Made with stainless steel material that is rust-resistant, strong, and long-lasting
  • Designed with multiple holes that make burning faster and more efficient
  • Includes a lid covering to trap all the lawn debris in the burning chamber for thorough burning
  • Fast burning
  • Less likely to rust
  • Well-designed vent holes
  • The lid covering helps combust everything well
  • Convenient assembly
  • No ash catcher
  • Warp is noted while burning
  • Causes high-burning flame

04. Yamadao Burn Cage for Yard Waste

51MBgPaPH L. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

“Attractive, reasonable, and serve its purpose” — yeah, we’re talking about the Yamado Burn Cage. It’s an impressive burn cage, especially for its 2mm construction which is thicker than most of its competition.

With the corrosion-resistant powder coating in a black finish, you’re not going to see a burn mark sooner. It resists rust and corrosion, enhancing the durability of your product.

This smartly designed burn cage with holes on all four sides could be your go-to incinerator. It burns yard debris, leaves, cardboard, and receipts more effectively than those old and rusty burn barrels!

What More We Liked

With so many holes on all four sides, it allows vertical airflow for fast-burning with hotter flames. It also generates less smoke and prevents embers from flying.

The burn cage comes with an eye-soothing design for your property’s backyard.

You also get four cross braces for superior rigidity and airflow, hence improved burning performance.

The unit comes with two handles allowing you to move it anywhere in your backyard,

The assembly is fairly easy, and you have four panels along with some blot to set it up. If you love doing things yourself, it should take around 15 to 30 minutes to complete the assembly.

What We Didn’t Like

It slightly warps in extreme heat but recovers most of its shape.

The setup may feel unstable on windy days.


  • Features 2 mm thick corrosion-resistant and powder-coated in matte-black steel material that can withstand high temperature and avoid burning stains
  • 63-gallon capacity so you can burn more debris at once
  • Designed with an open bottom for easy and fast cleaning
  • 2 handles allow portability
  • Small vent holes on 4 sides keep the flame hotter and prevent embers from flying out the cage
  • 4 cross braces provide maximum sturdiness
  • Vent holes on all four panels
  • Four cross braces
  • Convenient handles for portability
  • Easy assembly
  • Notable warp at extreme temperature

05. Burn Right Products Incinerator Cage X-Large

519AZXkh7SL. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

This made-in-USA burn cage comes with an innovative patented design where the airflow passes most efficiently, ensuring a perfect burn for your yard wastes.

The internal flanges and angled grates also help the burning efficiency. It includes three stainless steel clips that secure the lid to contain ember and flame and eliminate wildfire risk.

One of its major advantages is the integrated ash catcher that a very few of the burn cages include. So it’s easy to remove ash, clean up, and maintain.

What More We Liked

You can pour trashes to its brim. But you should leave some space to control the flame better.

It burns with a temperature of more than 1600°F and guarantees you adequate burning. The unit blazes the leaves, documents, or other yard waste to ashes while bringing minimum negative consequences to the surrounding air.

The burn cage comes with a functional lid and maneuvering handle. It’s also lightweight, and you can take it anywhere in the backyard.

It comes in a beautiful cylindrical shape, so you should consider this if you don’t like the square burn cages. The construction includes heavy-duty stainless steel and is less likely to warp.

What We Didn’t Like

It lacks a bottom grate that could’ve elevated it two to three inches off the ground for faster heating.

The ash-catching pan isn’t large enough to cover the entire bottom.


  • Withstands high temperatures over 1600 degrees Fahrenheit
  • 100% stainless steel cylindrical build that is warp-resistant and guarantees long term use
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required
  • Lightweight making it highly portable
  • Convenient to clean and maintain
  • Includes ash catcher, angle grates, cover, and handle
  • Size larger than a 55-gallon burn barrel
  • Three stainless steel clips that secure the cover to keep the flame and embers inside the incinerator
  • Patented design
  • Better airflow for effective burning
  • Includes functional lid and handle
  • Thick and warp resistant
  • Integrated ash catcher
  • Air can’t get to the bottom
  • Small ash catcher

06. Yard Tuff YTF-202036BC Burn Cage

Why It Stands Out to Us

If you don’t want your burn cage to lay directly on the ground, you can consider a burning cage with an elevated and reinforced base. And that’s what you get in the Yard Tuff Burn Cage.

It provides extra support and also allows air to get into the bottom for faster burning. The cage also includes the cross braces on the bottom, providing more stability to the unit. So you can expect it not to tip over even when a strong wind blows.

What More We Liked

The burn cage is made of heavy-gauge steel and is even thicker than some stainless steel cages. It does well to withstand extreme temperatures and resist warps. So you should find it durable enough to last for years.

The capacity is extra-large, and you can have a lot of trash at one go. But it’s recommended not to fill it to the brim.

It also includes a lid that can safely hold cinders inside this burn box.

There are laser-cut vent holes in the burn cage, which are very well placed for optimizing the fire. It allows great airflow and provides an effective way to burn all your yard waste, including debris, papers, leaves, etc.

It’s pretty easy to put together and shouldn’t take much of your time.

What We Didn’t Like

The product is made of steel and is more vulnerable to rusting.


  • Assembles in minutes without the need for any tools
  • Comes with a lid to keep ashes, embers, and other debris inside the burning chamber
  • Specially placed vent holes for more efficient burning
  • Features a reinforced base with cross braces to keep the burn cage stable
  • Extra and heavy-gauge steel that can withstand extreme temperatures
  • Durable construction
  • More stable
  • Burns faster
  • Large capacity
  • Optimized burning
  • Prone to rusting

07. VEVOR Burn Cage

41Xgp98472L. SL500

Why It Stands Out to Us

This amazing incinerator from Vevor seems to be a smokeless burn barrel with many convenient features.

Firstly the humanized design includes ignition holes on all four sides. So it becomes super easy to ignite the wastes. You also get a fire poker to turn the debris and wastes through the holes.

The convenience continues with the handles on all four sides for easy maneuverability and storage.

What More We Liked

It comes with a solid construction as well. The cage is constructed with 1.5 mm thick premium 430 stainless steel, which should be very durable and last for years.

It’s rust-proof and can withstand extreme temperatures with ease.

The burn cage is a tall, compact unit yet large enough to contain a good amount of trash at a time.

Raised legs make burning much easier.

The unit includes a lid with vent holes to prevent the ashes and embers from flying.

It comes with all the required tools, and the assembly is fairly simple.

What We Didn’t Like

The chamber is less wide and has less capacity than most other burn cages in the market.

There are less amount of vent holes in the side panels.


  • Made with heat-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and rust-resistant 430 stainless steel
  • 1.5 mm thick steel panels that are less likely to deform
  • Fun animal print ignition holes on 4 sides that allow users to see the combustion process and move debris inside using a fire poker
  • Includes a fire poker and lid for safer and more convenient burning
  • Designed with handles on 4 sides for portability
  • 20-gallons capacity
  • Heat, corrosion, and rustproof construction
  • Convenient ignition holes
  • Includes fire poker
  • Handles on all sides for easy portability
  • Well-designed bottom for cleaning embers
  • Smaller capacity
  • Less amount of vent holes
  • No ash catcher

FAQs Regarding Yard Waste Burning Cage

FAQs Regarding Yard Waste Burning Cage

If you’ve more questions left, check out the answers below to find yours.

Question: Are burn barrels illegal?

Burn barrels are illegal in many states of the US. However, closed burns like burning organic materials in a cage are considered legal in some places, but you need to check it from the concerned authority first.

Question: What can I use as a burn barrel?

You can use the 55 gallon drums as burn barrels; however, they’re strongly discouraged due to the negative effect on the air and environment.

Instead, you should buy a burn cage or incinerator – a specialized, stainless steel burn barrel with more sophisticated features. It’s properly designed to burn waste while causing a minimal effect on the environment.

Question: Is it bad to burn leaves?

Is it bad to burn leaves?

You can get rid of fallen leaves by burning them. However, it’s considered bad because burning leaves lead to air pollution and can cause health issues.

Question: How far should a burn barrel be from a house?

According to the Open Air Burn Policy, the burn barrel design should have a covering screen, and it should be at least 15 feet away from any structure. So it’s better to use it in plenty of open space.

Question: Is a burn barrel considered open burning?

A burn barrel without a covering screen and stack of the flue is considered open burning. It can emit smoke directly into the air and is dangerous for the environment.

Question: Do burned leaves make good fertilizer?

Yes, they can make good fertilizer since they release mineral content even after burning. However, it loses the amount of organic content you’ll get in the ones not burned.

Final Verdict

It’s time to sum things up and guide you to the final verdict regarding the best burn cages for yard waste. We hope you’ve checked out our buying guide as it should help you to make your decision.

Each of these burn cages has its reasons to be in your backyard and burn off the things you don’t want. If you’re looking for a burn cage made of heavy-gauge stainless steel, you should consider the Burn Barrel from Professional Grade Products as it should be true to its performance.

Try out the burn cage from Blue Sky Outdoor Living if you want one that’s both aesthetic and functional to dispose of your backyard waste.

Buffalo Tools burn cage comes out as an underdog for us with its convenient assembly and effective burning.

With holes and handles on all four panels, you can expect excellent burning and maneuverability from the Yamadao Burn Cage.

Made-in USA burn cage with an innovative and patented design for burning waste should make you go for the Incinerator Cage from Burn Right Products.

The heavy-gauge steel construction, along with reinforced base and raised legs, should make you go for the Yard Tuff Burn Cage.

Finally, if you want a small and convenient burn cage, you should go for the VEVOR Burn Cage.

We hope you’re now schooled enough to make the right decision.

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