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Top 10 Best Hot Foil Stamping Machine of 2021 [Buying Guide]

Larry and Megan were going through loads of samples for their wedding invitation cards. But among piles of these samples, only one type caught their eye. Elaborate designs and cursive font types that shone like gold and lent a different level of elegance to something as simple as a card.

Any plain leather, plastic, or vinyl surface can turn heads if they have the right kind of design that is enhanced by hot foil stamping. Such stamping gives a sheen that doesn’t fail to attract. You can use a hot foil stamping machine to personalize bags, wallets, and other merchandise.

Owning a foil stamping machine can help your product and brand stand out as you can stamp customized messages, logos, images, etc. on your product or the ones that you make for your clients. Getting a wallet with your name written in gold letters is a treasure for many of us.

Such a machine for foil stamping is widely available but to acquire the best hot foil stamping machine, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge.

Without further ado, let’s get into this post and learn what we should consider before buying one and other details.

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Fasttobuy Hot Foil Stamping Machine

5 out of 5

ZONEPACK Digital Embossing Machine

5 out of 5

ixaer Hot Foil Stamping Machine 1ixaer Hot Foil Stamping Machine

4 out of 5

Fasttobuy Pneumatic Hot Foil Stamping MachineFasttobuy Pneumatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine

4.5 out of 5

Donsu Hot Foil Stamping MachineDonsu Hot Foil Stamping Machine

4.5 out of 5

Our Top 10 Hot Foil Stamping Machine Reviews

1. Fasttobuy Hot Foil Stamping Machine

It’s not worth buying a foil stamping machine if it can work on only one type of material.

That’s why, you need Fasstobuy Hot Foil machine with which you can foil stamp on wood, paper, hard plastic, PVC, and leather. You can set up a souvenir shop and offer a wide range of various products like bags, stationery, handicrafts, frames, etc.

The size and dimensions of the machine make it suitable for small-scale production of customized products. The heating plate size is 10-centimeter by 13-centimeter, affording more stamping space.

You get more convenience of use as the digital display shows the working temperature clearly, allowing no room for mistakes and wastage. The maximum temperature you can apply is 350-degree Celsius.

With an easy adjustment button, you can tweak the temperature to suit the material. Moreover, the stamping impression comes out bold as the high-elasticity springs and screws allow you to adjust the machine and position it with greater accuracy and more pressure. Hence, the results last for a longer time.

The U-shaped design makes it convenient to use the mounting hole for installing and changing molds. These molds can also be positioned backward or forward to make more room for stamping. The mounting hole also accommodates two molds at the same time, reducing the total production time.

For accurately positioning the mold, the stainless steel base plate has grids so that you can do precise measurements. The stainless steel material is durable and rust-resistant.

This product is also available with a heating plate size of 5 cm x 7 cm, look into that in case you need a smaller plate.

Highlighted Features

  • Suitable for foil stamping on paper, plastic, wood, leather, etc.
  • High-elasticity springs and screws for high-pressure and durable stamping.
  • U-shaped mounting hole for easy installation and mold adjustment.
  • Digital display of temperature with 10-cm by 13-cm heating plate.
  • Sturdy stainless steel base plate with grid for accurate positioning.

2. ZONEPACK Digital Embossing Machine

For foil stamping letters on small objects like phone cases, you need a hot stamping machine that can accurately stamp letters and numbers.

With this product, you can have multiple variations of the font size and style. It features a full set of 52 alphabets, 20 symbols, and 10 numbers that can help with a high degree of customized messages. You can also switch between lower and upper case.

Craft personalized products as you can use this stamper machine for branding leather, rubber, and plastic products as well as bronzing and stamping on paper products.

The balance adjusting screws ensure the mold can be applied with the right force to leave long-lasting foil imprints. With a firm grip handle, there is no danger of slipping while you’re operating the machine. Plus, there is a screw to fix the handle in place.

With a large display screen, it is easy to spot and change the temperature. The maximum temperature that you can apply with the brass mold is 350 degrees Celsius. The 10-centimeter by 13-centimeter range for stamping is a bigger area so that you don’t need to cramp your style.

Equipped with a letter holder or T-slot, changing letter stamps at the time of stamping becomes safer and more convenient. The hot foil paper holder also serves the same purpose.

The base plate is made from premium aluminum to ensure it’s durable. The plastic plate is there to help you with the precise placement of the material to be stamped.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes a full set of 52 letters, 20 symbols, and 10 numbers for variation.
  • Temperature control panel for easy operation and adjustment.
  • Suitable for stamping with hot foil on paper, rubber, plastic, leather, etc.
  • Anti-slip handle with a screw to fix the handle position.
  • High-grade aluminum base plate with a plastic plate for accurate placement.

3. ixaer Hot Foil Stamping Machine

ixaer Hot Foil Stamping Machine

A handy hot foil stamper that can print on various media will give you higher returns on investment.

And that’s what you’ll get with this machine. That’s because you can print foil letterings, numbers, logos, etc on hard and soft plastic, paper, manmade leather, synthetic leather, cowhide, and even wood. With a wide variety of products that you can customize, the value for money will increase for you.

The device is compact and can be put on the workbench. It’s easy to operate as you have all the right temperatures suggested for all the materials. Moreover, the digital display shows the temperature and helps you adjust it as per material.

For paper, the temperature is 85 to 120 degrees Celsius, 75 to 85 degrees Celsius for soft plastic, 35 to 100 degrees Celsius for hard plastics, 120 to 150 degrees Celsius for cowhide, 65 to 80 degrees Celsius for soft PVC, 160 to 180 degrees Celsius for synthetic leather, and 350 degrees Celsius for wood.

You can choose between two stamping area options – 8 x 10 centimeters or 10 x 13 centimeters according to your needs. As the unit is made from 100% stainless steel, it won’t rust and is guaranteed to be durable.

The non-slip handle also makes it comfortable to operate the machine and ensure the imprints are coming out bold with zero smudges. The adjustable stroke of 15 centimeters gives you a wider scope for adjustments.

Highlighted Features

  • Makes foil imprints on a wide variety of materials for more value for money.
  • Anti-slip handle with 15-cm adjustable stroke for more comfortable operation.
  • Two stamping area options – 8 x 10 centimeters or 10 x 13 centimeters.
  • A digital display to make setting and adjusting temperatures easier.
  • Made from rust-resistant stainless steel for maximum durability.

4. Fasttobuy Pneumatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Fasttobuy Pneumatic Hot Foil Stamping Machine

If the time is ripe for you to move your business to a larger scale, let this pneumatic machine do the job for you.

Since you can operate this machine with a footswitch, it leaves your hands free and increases your efficiency. As the device is operated by air, it can do stamping jobs within 1 to 3 seconds, enabling you to produce more customized products in a short time, giving you more value for money.

By turning the handwheel, you can get the body of the machine up or down. The machine has been designed with long mounting holes to make it easy to change the brass dies.

You get more control over the output quality as you can set the stamping time. Moreover, the stamping results are better and bolder than the manual type leather embossing machine.

The digital display clearly shows you the set versus the actual temperature so that you can keep an eye on the process and make any adjustments as needed. Positioning the material to be stamped is more precise as the base working table has a grid on it to guide the placement.

The 5-centimeter by 7-centimeter heating plate is good for foil imprints on a wide variety of materials including plastic, wood, leather, and paper. The temperature range offered ranges between 35 and 350 degrees Celsius.

Highlighted Features

  • Air-operated pneumatic machine for higher productivity.
  • 5-cm by 7-cm heating plate for embossing on a wide variety of materials.
  • Easy to operate with foot-switch, leaving the hands free.
  • Worktable with grid for accurate material placement.
  • Long mounting holes to make changing dies more comfortable.

5. Donsu Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Donsu Hot Foil Stamping Machine

A beginner’s foil embossing machine is ideal for you if you just want to test the waters before venturing into something bigger.

The temperature range of 0 to 350 degrees Celsius allows foil imprints on a wide range of materials like plastic, paper, business cards, leather, and PVC. You can also use hot stamping on bread, leaves, and wood.

With a concrete aluminum-alloy body and stainless steel back support, you are guaranteed to invest in a durable machine for foil stamping. The large digital display screen helps you to set and adjust the temperature, making the operation part quite easy.

You can adjust the stroke height as it can go to a maximum of 16 centimeters. The double heating pipes help the machine to heat up faster so that you can get more foil stamping done within a short time.

The heating plate is of 10-centimeter by 13-centimeter size, giving you ample space for making foil impressions with ease. A roll of gold foil is included in the package so that you can start the process right away and get a taste of how well the machine performs.

The included manual shares a list of temperatures that are suitable for foiling on all the different materials.

Highlighted Features

  • A temperature range of 0 to 350 degrees Celsius to suit many materials.
  • Aluminum-alloy body and stainless steel back support for durability.
  • A large digital display to control and adjust temperatures.
  • Maximum stroke height of 16 centimeters for flexibility.
  • 10-centimeter by 13-centimeter heating plate to suit most foiling tasks.

6. Dyra Hot Foil Stamping Machine

Plenty of features and functions make this hot foil stamping machinery a treat to own and use.

The large digital display screen shows the set and actual temperature so that you can adjust with ease, making it simple to operate the machine. The 300-watt powerful machine has a heating plate of 10 centimeters by 13 centimeters foiling area, which is enough for most foil stamping projects.

You can also do gold stamping more comfortably on this product as it features a bracket or holder. The automatic reeling foil increases your efficiency as you don’t need to do it manually. You can do hot stamping on bread, wood, leaves, etc, and also gold stamping on leather, paper, business cards, invitation cards, and plastic.

The non-slip handle ensures you can operate the machine with a firm grip, thereby lessening the chances of getting smudged imprints. There is a screw to fix the handle so that it doesn’t go beyond the point where you don’t want it to go.

For precision, the working table is marked with grids for the right placement of the material, making this the best hot foil stamping machine. The fuse and switch are located with your convenience in mind.

The stainless steel body of the machine makes it durable and rust-resistant. The adjustable height of the stroke is a maximum of 16 centimeters. You are guaranteed of steady temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius. It heats up fast, thanks to the double heat pipes. Therefore, you can get your jobs done faster.

Highlighted Features

  • Temperature setting and controlling on the digital display for convenience.
  • Double heat pipes for faster heating and getting more work done.
  • A non-slip grip with a screw for fixing the handle in position.
  • Gridded worktable for more accuracy.
  • Suitable for leather, paper, business cards, invitation cards, and plastic.

7. Wildd Hot Foil Stamping Machine

This compact, countertop foil stamping machine is easy on storage as it occupies little space.

You can keep this product at home or in a small shop to print any logo, design, text, or pattern on plastic, paper, leather, fabric, PVC, etc. The dimensions of the product are 26-centimeter by 16-centimeter by 34-centimeter.

The automatic temperature setting makes it easier to use this product. The temperature range is between o and 350 degrees Celsius.

The stamping area of 110-millimeter by 110-millimeter gives a square area that is ideal for stamping on phone covers, wallets, business cards, or any other small object.

With a non-slip handle, operating this machine is comfortable. The heating tube and the heating panel work together to maintain a uniform temperature for stamping without smudging. The balance of the heating tubes can be adjusted to ensure you are applying the right pressure for the stamping to come out well.

The package contains 5 letters that you can use for greater customization. Plus, on request, you can also have a customized logo shipped to you. Besides the machine, the package also includes 2 pieces of high-temperature glue, one hot foil roll, besides the 5 letters.

This is the ideal machine for beginners who want to learn hot foil stamping by doing.

Highlighted Features

  • A stamping area of 110-millimeter by 110-millimeter for small objects.
  • Suitable for plastic, paper, leather, fabric, PVC.
  • A non-slip handle for comfortable operation.
  • Compact size for easy storage and less space on the table.
  • Adjustable heating tubes for proper pressure application.

8. KOHSTAR ZD300TJ Pro Digital Hot Foil Printer

This is a truly upgraded machine for foil stamping as it is totally digital and works like an ordinary printer.

You can print on ribbons, paper, leather, fabric, books, etc with this innovative machine with a maximum stamping area of 304 millimeters width. Compatible with Print Shop and Graphic Shop, this has redefined the way foil stamping is done.

It’s the world’s first-ever digital foil stamper that can print on A3 size foil. The DAT format of the printer is widely used in various fields of printing. It enables you to print on banners directly. Similarly, photo books, invitation cards, book covers, name cards, and others can have foil stamped on them with this product.

You can also print single sheets of paper or rolls and also on photo paper. This machine can be operated with your PC that runs on Windows 7 and Windows XP systems. USB and network interfacing also enable you to run this stamper machine.

The 200 dots per inch resolution ensures you get clear, non-smudged results. The digital display along with the keys located conveniently makes it very simple to operate this machine.

With no heating plate or heating tubes involved, handling this product is less of a hassle than the traditional foil stamping machine.

Highlighted Features

  • Digita foil stamping machine for superior performance.
  • A maximum stamping area of 304 millimeters width.
  • 200 dots per inch resolution for greater clarity.
  • Less hassle as no heating plate or tubes involved.
  • Keys and digital display for ease of operation.

9. Shwk Hot Stamping Machine

A special hot foil stamping machine made for imprints on handkerchiefs, T-shirts, and puzzles, it offers you many opportunities for running your own shop.

This manual heat press machine weighs 53 kilograms and can be placed on your workbench. The intuitive and responsive machine provides outstanding performance. The digital display is doubly intelligent as it works as an automatic thermostat. Hence, you need not control the temperature manually.

Moreover, with the automatic electronic timing, you can be free to do other work while this machine does its job. You can adjust the pressure at two stages – both pre-pressure and pressure. This gives you more flexibility as you get more room and time for adjusting the pressure. Plus, it’s also more convenient.

Owing to the aluminum casting, you are guaranteed fast heating and the heating plate being able to hold the right temperature for longer, thus ensuring the stamping is done completely and leaves no room for smudging or light output.

The lever is easy to pull down and gives you enough room to place your hand comfortably. It can be stored away after use when you close the upper part. As it doesn’t occupy much space, it can be kept in a corner.

Highlighted Features

  • Manual hot foil stamper with 53 kilos weight.
  • Intelligent digital display with automatic heating for convenience.
  • Automatic electronic timing to save your time and energy.
  • More flexibility with pre-pressure and pressure adjustability.
  • Aluminum casting for fast and uniform heating.

Things To Consider Before Buying Hot Foil Stamping Machine

As this is an investment that you would want to make it work for you, it makes sense to consider some factors before you buy a hot foil stamper. Read the following to get a better idea.


There are two basic types of hot foil stamping machines – manual and pneumatic. The manual type is used for producing foil printing jobs on a small scale and can be found in shops.

The pneumatic type uses air-powered technology and is the best hot foil stamping machine for large-scale foil printing projects. These run automatically at the press of a button.


Work Volume  

Choose a hot foil stamping machinery depending on the volume of your work. A pneumatic one will allow you to produce a large volume of hot foil stamps. As these are automated, you can foil large volumes in a short time, giving you economies of scale.

If you are thinking about using one at your home or just to see if you can set up a small business with it, then choose a manual one.

Material Compatibility

Not all materials can be treated in the same way with all foil stamp machines. Some are suitable for stamping on leather, while other models are made for stamping on plastic or vinyl.

A good foil stamping machine will facilitate work on a wide range of materials. So, before you buy one, decide which type of material you are going to work with and choose accordingly.


Space is a big consideration when you are in the market for a foil embossing machine. Decide on one only after you have given careful thought about where you’re going to place it.

Some models are meant to be placed on the counter, while others are supposed to be on the floor.

After you make up your mind about whether you are going to be more comfortable with a floor-type or a countertop model, consider the options available.

Type Holders

A type holder holds the lettering or logo or image to the stamping machine. These come in various sizes and you should decide how much use you will make of foil stamping letterings before you buy the machine.

Make sure you choose a machine that accommodates adjustable type holders to give you the maximum flexibility of usage.

Customer Needs

If you are going into the business of foil stamping, you must take into account your customer needs. As discussed, not all foil stampers are compatible with all materials.

Depending on your target customers’ needs, you may have to invest in a leather emboss machine as well as one that can do foil stamping on paper, plastic, or vinyl.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.How Does A Hot Foil Stamping Machine Work?

Answer: A metal die is used where the design that will be foil-printed is engraved. When this metal die is heated up, the foil is placed between the material on which the design will be stamped and the heated metal die.

After the metal die is applied on the surface of the material, the design is transferred and results in a metallic shape, logo, or text.

2. What Are The Various Metals Used For Hot Foil Stamping?

Answer: You can get magnesium dies as well as copper and brass. As magnesium is a soft metal, only a few imprints can be done with this and it won’t last long. Copper is stronger and leaves a lasting impression while brass is the strongest.

When talking about foils, there is a multitude of foil colors and materials. The metallic type gives the impression of gold, silver, or copper. To translucent colors, pearl foils are used to give a subtle sheen on business or invitation cards.

Pigment foils come in matte or gloss colors and are great for bringing out the boldness of a logo or text. With holographic foils, you get a silverish finish that gives off rainbow colors.

3. On Which Materials Can Hot Foil Stamping Be Done?

Answer: Hot foil stamping can be done on a variety of materials including plastic like polyester, polypropylene, and polyethylene. It can also be used on leather and vinyl.

However, it is better to test the material first before hot foil stamping as all materials do not respond in the same way to the heat. This affects how strongly adhesive they are.

4. What Are The Different Ways Hot Foil Stamping Can Be Used?

Answer: Hot foil stamping has a wide range of applications. It’s used in the packaging of luxury products as well as for beverage, food, and medicine packaging. The foil stamping attracts attention and is, therefore, used in many industries.

On currency notes, hot foil stamping is used to prevent counterfeiting. Lots of book covers have letterings stamped with hot foil. It’s common in wedding invitation and greeting cards. Moreover, it also has its use in business stationery like leaflets, brochures, and business cards.


Final Word

Picking the right hot stamping machine is a matter of how small or large your business is. Plus, you need to know which types of materials will your machine be able to make the foil imprints on. Also, the right die can make your business sustainable so it’s essential to know which dies work for you.

With the right stamper machine, you can start your enterprise of customizing business and invitation cards, leather merchandise, and plastic goods. There are many lucrative opportunities and avenues that you can explore with it.

As this post has all the relevant information packed into it, choosing the best hot foil stamping machine should not be too difficult for you. Here’s hoping you have a flourishing foil stamping venture!

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