How To Kill Weeds Naturally?

How To Kill Weeds Naturally? 17 Weeds and Killing Ways

Weeds are some of the most problematic concerns for farmers, gardeners and others who love to see flowers, vegetables, herbs and other plants growing as they should. But how to kill weeds naturally and have one of the prettiest yards in the community.

There are many natural ways for killing weeds in your yard that may surprise you.

Avenger is a non-toxic way for killing weeds without harming the environment. It has a potent amount of citrus oil that is used to strip away at the weed’s cuticles while dehydrating the weed plant naturally.

There are also many other ways to kill weeds naturally and keep the pesky plant from choking the life out of your beautiful flowers, vegetables, fruits and plants.

So lets read on to discover the right answers of many weeds related questions like What can I do to get rid of the weeds in my garden naturally? What are weeds? What are some types of weeds? What are the categories of weeds?

What Are Weeds?

What Are Weeds?

A weed is known by experts to be a plant that is intentionally growing where it should not be growing. It is negatively interfering with the natural eco-system of plants, and vegetation that were meant to grow in the land.

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Weeds are a plants that are competitively persistent in destroying other flowers and vegetation surrounding it. They are often quite difficult to kill without destroying its; root and its’ ability to reproduce.

A life cycle for a weed is usually one year or less. However, weeds can be divided into winter and summer species that also determine its’s life span.

Biennial weeds germinate, bloom and die in two years. Perennial weeds have the potential to grow indefinitely.

Types of Weeds?

Types of Weeds?

Experts from The Spruce talk of 17 types of weed. These include:

  1. The Poison Sumac, 
  2. Japanese Knot Weed,
  3. Crabgrass,
  4. Dandelions,
  5. Plantain Plants,
  6. Common Ragweed,
  7. Hedge Bindweed,
  8. Giant Ragweed,
  9. Purslane,
  10. Ground Ivy,
  11. Curly Dock,
  12. Stinging Nettle,
  13. Clover Leaf,
  14. Wild Madder,
  15. Bittersweet,
  16. Orange Jewelweed and
  17. Horsetail Weed. 

There are many other varieties of weeds, but these are some of the most common. Weeds are divided into two types of categories that include, grassy and broadleaf.

These plants are grouped into two categories based upon their structure. Broadleaf weeds are characterized by their netlike veins and flat leaves. They can be found growing where there is a coarse root or taproot system.

Grassy weeds are the other type of weeds. The Lawn Care Academy states that grassy weeds begin as seeds each year and die at the end of a growing season.

What are the different types of weeds?

Conventional vs. Natural Weed Control

There are many people who wonder if conventional weed control is better than a natural way of controlling the weeds in your garden. Conventional ways involve pesticides and chemicals which may be dangerous to your plants and flowers.

They have dangerous toxins that can get into your plants and your body when you cook these plants for dinner.

Natural ways of controlling weeds may be more time consuming, but the are healthier for your plants, vegetables and your body.

What Is The Problem With Weeds?

Your plants and vegetation need nitrogen, potassium and other nutrients to grow. Weeds suck up these nutrients from the soil leaving plants and vegetation to become dehydrated, wither.

And die Weeds also cause fruits to have an abnormal growth and color.

17 Ways on How To Kill Weeds Naturally:

01. Hand

Kill Weeds by Hand

One of the safest ways to destroy weeds naturally is by pulling them up with your hands. The use of gloves is recommended when pulling weeds as it is often difficult to pull the root of the weed from the ground.

Pulling weeds up from the ground is time consuming and requires strength, but it is the safest way to inhibit destruction of the environment surrounding the weed.

02. Lemons

Lemons can be used as an effective and natural way to kill weeds. The lemon juice contains high amounts of citric acid which is an instant weed killer.

The lemons can be squeezed directly onto the weed which burns the leafy plant and root causing it to immediately die.

03, 04, 05. Soap, Salt and Vinegar

Soap, Salt and Vinegar To Kills Weeds

Actually the combination of one tablespoon of dish soap, 1 cup of salt and 1 gallon of vinegar is the best way to kill weeds in your garden. The vinegar has acids that will kill the weed directly.

The soap keeps the vinegar stuck to the weed which gives it the potency to kill. And the salt breaks down the molecular composition of the weed allowing the vinegar’s acid to destroy the plant.

06. Goas

Kill Weeds by Goas

Goats are a great way to destroy and kill weeds naturally. Goats enjoy feeding on a variety of weeds that could destroy your plants and other vegetation.

These include: dandelions, daisies, thistles, knapweeds, loco weeds, snap weeds and clovers just to name a few.

A goat is a great investment for someone living in the rural areas of a city.

07. Newspaper

A set of newspapers can be used as a great barrier for killing weeds. Use about 6 newspapers pressed together with leaves, straw and coffee grounds so that it will easily become a part of the soil.

The newspapers act to stunt the growth of any weeds around natural plants, vegetations and fruits that are meant to grow in the soil.

08. Corn Meal

Corn Meal Kills Weeds

The gluten in the corn meal is a great way to kill weed seeds before they turn into plants Use twenty pounds of corn meal for every one thousand square feet of planting area.

Using corn meal must be done when you are beginning to plant your garden bed and putting in seeds. Water the bed to activate the corn meal’s gluten ingredient to help with killing weeds in your garden.

09. Straw Mulch

Straw Mulch is meant to stop weed growth. The best type of straw mulch is Lucerne hay composed from meadow and alfalfa hay that is meant to kill weed seeds.

Cover your ground with newspaper before laying down the straw mulch to seriously stop weed growth.

10. Baking Soda

Baking Soda Kills Weeds

Baking soda can be used effectively to kill weeds naturally by drawing water from the weed’s cells. The ingredient sodium bicarbonate is toxic to the plant and causes its’ leaves to fall off.

Mix Baking soda with water and spray over your garden to destroy weed growth.

11. Clove Oil

Clove oil helps to destroy the cellular membrane of the weeds growing in your garden. It can be mixed with peppermint oil to keep away ants and other pests.

Spray a bottle of the oil mixed with water on your garden to help eliminate weed growth.

12. Weed Barrier

Weed Barrier Kills Weeds

Use a weed barrier to destroy any unwanted weeds in your garden. A weed barrier can be purchased online or at brick and mortar home improvement stores to place down to stunt the growth of weeds, allowing your plants, flowers and vegetation to grow safely and naturally.

13. Weed Torch

A weed torch allows you to burn weeds directly from your garden while destroying its ability to reproduce. The best weed torches according to Best Reviews are Flame King, Ignighter, Greenwood Ausail and are all sold on

14. Borax

Borax Kills Weeds

Borax is known for killing some of the peskier and more difficult weeds in your garden. Borax is easily absorbed by the leafy parts of the weed and kills it directly all the way down to its’ root.

15. Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol is one of the most simple ways of destroying weed growth. The alcohol destroys the weed at the cellular level by dehydrating the plant.

Mix rubbing alcohol with water and spray directly on the weed. The weed will dehydrate until it withers away.

16. Boiling Water

Boiling water will severely burn and scorch the weed while killing it directly. Add salt to your boiling water to get into the ground and destroy the root of the weed. This method makes sure your weeds are gone along with its’ ability to reproduce.

Boiling Water Kills Weeds

17. Vodka

Vodka is a great way of killing more common weeds in your garden like the dandelion, the plantain weed and Mullen. Vodka is earth friendly and will not cause harm to other plants, flowers, vegetation or fruits. 

Vodka is one of the most natural ways to get rid of your weed problem while not destroying the surrounding environment.


Now that you have learned more about weeds, types of weeds and how to kill weeds naturally from your garden, it is time to put your knowledge to work. Choose which way suits your garden or farm land best. About 3% or 8000 of 250000 plant species are grouped into the category of weeds.

These are 17 ways to kill weeds naturally so the pesky plants do not destroy the natural eco-system in your yard. 

These methods or a combination of these methods will work well to ensure your weeds are destroyed from the plant to its’ root while destroying its’ ability to reproduce. 

Remember to do your research and discover the type of soil in your yard, what types of weeds you have growing in your yard and the best solutions for eliminating them for good.

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