Top 10 Best Fireplace Doors

Top 10 Best Fireplace Doors Of 2024 (Complete Buying Guide)

Few things are as comforting as a crackling fire on winter nights. The whole fireplace setting looks enchantingly beautiful while the fire keeps dancing inside the furnace. And the logs that keep the spark alive?

That’s probably the best thing about the mantle!

There’s one little twist to this fairytale.

The beauty and comfort of your chimney feel majestic as long as you don’t have any babies or pets inside your house. A rogue spark, a rebellious log may decide to jump off the fireplace and land on your toddler anytime it’s passing around it.

Not to mention, children love getting close to sparkly things on their own!


Top 10 Best Fireplace Doors

We aren’t going to suggest you take the fireplace down! To help babyproof your home, add extra style, and improve the efficiency of your fireplace, we have featured some of the best fireplace doors in this article.

Whether you are renovating or installing a new fireplace, you are going to LOVE our extensive design options for sure! 

Our Top 10 Best Fireplace Doors

01. PuraFlame Klaus Electric Fireplace Insert with Fire Crackling Sound

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It’s not easy finding a good-quality door that can complement or enhance your home décor. But when you order a glass door like PuraFlame Klaus 33-inch Fireplace Insert, the look is going to be impressively good for sure!

What can you expect from a real wood-burning fireplace?

Lively flame, crackling sound, and flickering logs, right?

Well, you get to enjoy all of these facilities with PuraFlame except the extra hassle of cleaning out any dust or ashes!

With a Remote Handset, 

the fireplace insert allows you to power it on/off, have 3 different flame effects, and produce 6 comforting crackling sound-all in one package. The 3 flame settings on the insert feature variable intensity and brightness that can be used with/without heat according to your preference.

While the mantle setting is all about giving you the convenience of modern facilities, it doesn’t forget about its traditional charm either.

Want Proof?

A single glance at the antique design of the 3-sided brick structure will tell you that out loud!

Along with that, you get to experience the feel of a real wood-burning fireplace with the help of its life-like resin logs. Although you can’t use this furnace as a main source of heat, it’s a good source of supplemental heat for up to 400-square feet of area.


  • The PuraFlame glass screen makes the fireplace look more realistic.
  • An adjustable thermostat is able to act as a secondary heat source.
  • You can make it sit on the floor with its flat-bottom design.
  • You can control the flame effect and sound with its remote controller.

02. Pleasant Hearth FN-5702 Fenwick Fireplace Glass Door

Want to reduce the heat loss of your chimney by up to 90%?

Meet Pleasant Hearth Fireplace Glass Door, which is here to add style to your life as well as optimize heat consumption to the fullest!

While fire brings warmth and coziness to our environment, there are times when you don’t want to feel that much hot. For a situation like this, Pleasant Hearth comes with smoked tempered safety glass that can easily be closed with a slight push.

Masonry Fireplace

The FN-5702 model is suitable for masonry fireplaces in particular. The door can be used with both wooden and gas fireplaces. You know what that means, right?

Any gas logs will do just fine inside this setting!

How Easy to Install?

Before installing this threshold, make sure you’ve measured the fireplace opening to correctly determine the size of the door.

This Fenwick model comes with a viewing area of 36 inches of width and 22.25 inches of height that has a standard opening to fit any mantle.

Design and Style

The gates are designed in the Prairie cabinet-style that goes well with any interior. With a premium-grade mesh panel, quality hinges, and easy-catch magnets, you can use this glass gate to beautify any room as well as ease your life at the same time.


  • Pleasant Hearth gate gets installed in 3 easy steps.
  • 90% heat loss of your chimney gets reduced by the Fenwick door.
  • Masonry fireplaces are ideal candidates for this product.
  • You can use it with both wooden and gas fireplaces.

03. Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 1111 Fireplace Screen 

Furnace gates come in many forms and styles. While the main duty of these doors is to protect you from unwanted accidents, you also want them to be aesthetically appealing that go well with your home décor as well.

The Pleasant Hearth AT-1001 1111 Fireplace Screen is an excellent choice if you are looking for something stylish that features a neutral look.

Having a black finish with clear glass on the surface, the bi-fold doors can match any fireplace while creating a blended look!

Width and Height

With 30-37-inch of width and 25.5-32.5-inch of height, the firebox opening of the AT-1001 1111 model is pretty standard for most places. Made of clear tempered glass, the doors open at an easy 180-Degree angle so that you can experience the full view comfortably.

Accidents happen when you are the least bit prepared, right?

Apparently, Pleasant Hearth agrees with us too!

Mesh Panel

To keep the spark from popping out of your firebox, it features a 1-inch thick welded mesh panel that can be kept open while the fire is burning. This way, you get to enjoy the full sensation of a fireplace without having any risk at all!


  • With bi-fold doors, it’s easy to keep them closed whenever you want.
  • You can easily install this model with a scissor, Philips head, and tape.
  • There is a mesh panel located inside the glass door for your convenience.
  • To control airflow easily, there’s a hidden damper control knob installed.
  • A traditional masonry fireplace is perfect for this door installation.

04. Pleasant Hearth CB-3301 Colby Fireplace Glass Door

Do you believe in love at first sight?

After seeing the gorgeous powder-coated sunlight nickel finish on the Pleasant Hearth CB-3301 model, you’ll believe in this silly saying for sure!

This is one of the best glass fireplace doors for bringing warmth and sophistication to your space.  The furnace gate offers the quality of a high-end product at a reasonable price.

A Decorative Cabinet-Style Door

Built with a decorative cabinet-style door, the clean, sleek look of this fireplace is perfect for bringing a new level of style to your family room.

With a 37.5×33-inch of overall dimension, this door is a perfect fit for openings that measures about 30-37 inches in width and 25.5-32.5 inches in height. The cabinet-style doors come with easy-catch magnets for easy handling.

Well-made, attractive and easy-grip 5-inch handle can really set your fireplace’s style for sure!

Premium-grade Mesh Panel 

Want to keep the fire on while your toddler plays beside it? The premium-grade fine mesh panel of Hearth helps keep the sparks inside the fireplace right where it belongs.

To enjoy a nicer view, you can always 3/16-inch smoked tempered glass doors open while keeping the mesh panel closed for safety.


  • With a cabinet-style door, you can easily open and close it at your convenience.
  • Smoked safety-tempered glass helps enjoy the view without any risk.
  • As the frame is made of heavy-gauge steel, it’s pretty durable.
  • You can fit it in various hearth sizes.
  • With a sunlight nickel finish, the Pleasant Hearth glass door lasts for a long time.

05. Pleasant Hearth Easton Black Fireplace Glass Fire Screen Doors 

Do you have a beautiful chimney that’s used less frequently and causes you to feel like the heat gets too much wasted?

Let’s give a warm welcome to Pleasant Hearth Easton Black Fireplace Glass Firescreen Door, which never lets the heat go out of the chimney! Adding this door to your chimney will not only lower your heating bill but also it will bring an aesthetic appeal to your interior at the same time.  

Mesh Panels

With premium-grade fine mesh panels, the Easton black gate helps keep pets and children away from the warm ashes. In addition, the door opens fully to give you a full view of the whole fireplace.

Installing this masonry-styled door helps you keep the cold air out on a chilly winter night. But what about the end of the night when the fire has burnt down and you want to go to bed?

A Damper Control Knob

For times like this, Pleasant Hearth has introduced a damper control knob which allows a small amount of air to enter inside the chimney to keep the heat going!  The smoked 3/16-inch safety tempered glass has a good weight while the frame is quite sturdy.

As a result, it mounts solidly in place and looks promising enough to last for a long time.


  • You can replace or install the Easton door quite easily.
  • With a 3/16-inch safety tempered glass, this glass door is quite durable.
  • The damper control knob lets you adjust the airflow according to your preference.
  • Double door designs (glass and mesh screen) make this product very practical.

06. Plow & Hearth Large Tree of Life Metal Fireplace Screen


Did we bore you already?

Are you looking for something completely different than the designs shown above?

For people who love seeing fire crackling in an artistic way, Plow & Hearth is an excellent choice. Adorned with a black and gold-flecked metal frame, this fire screen serves as beautiful wall art for your interior as well.

What do you expect from a fireplace?

Warmth? Coziness? Or peace of mind?

Apparently, Plow & Hearth ticks all three boxes in this case!

Embellished with the popular “Tree of life” design pattern, the screen represents the interaction of all life on this beautiful planet.

Metal Oak Frame 

The stunningly mesmerizing metal oak frame comes with a classic black powder-coated finish. While the whole structure already looks amazing, the subtle gold-flecked highlights on the tree make it even more enchanting for you to enjoy!

The fireplace door installation is as easy as ABC.

A Flat Guard Design 

As the screen comes with a flat guard design, it sits flush against the hearth opening in a stable position.

To make the fire-tending a lot easier, the door features a single-hinged door that can open and close very easily with its magnetic latch.


  • Featuring a popular “Tree of life” design, this door serves as home décor. 
  • You can easily handle the single-hinged door with its magnetic latch.
  • With a flat-guard design, it sits in a stable position in front of your fireplace.
  • Made of steel and heavy-duty mesh, it serves you for a long time.

07. Heatilator Fireplace Doors


Measuring the opening of your fireplace to see if the door fits in it perfectly is a tiresome job, isn’t it?

While we can’t give solutions for all manufacturer’s products, there’s an OEM screen for E/EC/EL/HR/HC 36-inch Heatilator fireplace that’s a perfect fit! If you have an existing Heatilator fireplace in your house, this screen would be a lucky charm for you without a doubt.

So, the measuring part is done. Now comes the installation hassle, right?

How Easy to Install?

You can cross the “Hassle” word, replace it with “Ease” and get the whole installation part done within less than 5 minutes!

As the screen comes pre-assembled and ready-to-use, you can insert it all by yourself without any assistance.

Different Styles

The DM1036 model is available in 2 different styles: Black and Stainless-steel. With the clear, tempered safety glass on the front, it’s actually of much better quality than other glass fireplace doors available on the market.

As it’s carefully measured to fit the opening perfectly, the Heatilator model helps reduce heat loss to a great extent.

  • You can use this screen for E/EC/EL/HR/HC Heatilator fireplaces.
  • As this model features a modern design, you can use it to elevate your interior.
  • You can choose black and stainless-steel finishes for this product.
  • Installation may require even less than 5 minutes as it comes pre-assembled.
  • A great gift for people with pets and children.

08. Design Specialties Glass Free-Standing Screen, GSFRSCN4129

The interior design of your house reflects your style and taste on many levels. And hence the design of your fireplace door plays an important role in bringing interesting visual effects to your space as well!

The free-standing screen from Design Specialties is available in 3 different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

Manufactured in the USA, the product holds up well on its own regardless of the environment. Just make sure it doesn’t come in direct contact with coastal/saltwater and it should serve you well for a lifetime.

A Bit Expensive Price

The price tag for this product from Design Specialties may startle you a bit, considering it’s higher than the regular ones in the market. That said, you won’t be able to resist yourself after seeing its sleek and attractive outlook which beats them all!  

Do you know what’s the biggest characteristic that sets this screen apart from the crowds?

It’s Super Easy to Move and Assemble!

With the help of some nylon-tipped pressure screws, the feet of the screen are attached to the glass panel.

As it comes with handles and low-profile feet, you can easily move and transport it to any place according to your preference.

  • With ¼-inch clear glass, the screen gives you an unobstructed view of the fire.
  • Portability is a big advantage of this product.
  • You can choose from its 3 available sizes for fitting your fireplace perfectly.
  • Made from durable materials, it lasts for a long time if used carefully.

09. Heatilator Replacement Prefab Fireplace Glass Doors

Looking for the best fireplace doors for insulation for your Heatilator fireplace at a reasonable price?

Meet Prefab Fireplace Door from EZ-FIT FIREPLACE DOORS, which is about 1/4th price of the OEM ones! While the price may seem cheap, the quality certainly isn’t. The 42-inch black glass door looks incredible once you install it in place.

So Invisible 

The door will actually become so invisible that you will barely notice it’s there! As a result, you get to enjoy an unobstructed view of the dancing flame from the comfort of your couch.

The door is a perfect fit for people who own Heatilator E42 E36, EC36, BC36R, BC36, and EC42 models. To install the door correctly, make sure you have ready-to-use factory door tracks and clips on your fireplace settings.

Safety Glass

With a tempered 3/16-inch safety clear glass in front of your mantle, you get to enjoy a sense of freedom while having little toddlers around.

The finished safe edges of the glass door make sure there aren’t any mishaps on your house even if your pets get too close to it.

Made in the USA

The screens are made in the USA and of good quality. As these doors only fit certain models, it’s a good idea to look inside your fireplace to check if the model and brand of your mantle are a good fit.


  • You can replace certain Heatilator fireplace door models with this product.
  • As it comes with a finished edge glass screen, it’s safe to use.
  • You get to enjoy having a replacement product that costs less.
  • With clear glass on the front, you get an unobstructed view of the fireplace.

10. Plow & Hearth Small Greenwood Fire Screen with Doors 


While some people dig the simple, minimalistic look of a glass screen, you can’t deny the charm of a decorative fireplace door either.

With that in mind, let’s give a warm welcome to Plow & Hearth Greenwood Door, which has a simple and gorgeous outlook at the same time!

We’ll start off with the artistic handle of this screen which has an embossed oak tree pattern on it.

Glass Design

The black finish with the brushed bronze accent on the door makes it look majestic while the glass itself is plain in contrast. The corner rivets of the screen also bear some of the bronze highlights that make the whole look come together.

Moving onto the door latch system, the manufacturer has added a magnetic closure for your convenience.

As it features a 2-door design, it’s easy to tend to fire with this. The piano hinges on the door also weigh to your advantage by offering string support and making it all the more durable.

How Easy to Install?

The installation part often comes with the hassle of not adjusting to the fireplace settings, right?

To help you with that difficult part, Plow & Hearth has added adjustable back feet that make it easy to install it into the fireplace opening even if it’s a bit uneven. With a metal structure and tightly-woven mesh frame, this door promises to last long if taken care of properly.


  • With a two-door screen, you get to have more choices to explore.
  • A bronze accent with a black finish screen elevates your fireplace’s look.
  • Having piano hinges for support strengthens its durability.
  • With adjustable back feet, you can easily install it in your setting.

What to Consider Before Purchasing A Perfect Fireplace Door?

1. Design

Are you a minimalistic or a fan of the bold pattern?

Is a single door convenient or would you rather go for the double pane ones?

These are the questions you need to ask yourself before purchasing a screen for your fireplace.

What to Consider before Purchasing the Best Fireplace Doors?

Depending on your choices, you can go for a single-hinged door/sliding door/cabinet-style door, or double-pane door. However, if there’s a replacement screen available that’s made according to your fireplace’s measurement, then you should definitely go for that.

2. Size

Suppose, there’s no replacement screen for your particular brand and model. What should you do for getting a perfect fit in this case?

That’s when the measurement game kicks in!

To get the best fireplace doors for heat optimization, you need to measure the opening height and width of the fireplace. If the measurement matches the specification of your desired screen, then you expect to get a well-fit product that installs easily.

3. Material

While the market is flooded with bent/stamped sheet metal material, you should look for a steel/iron door for the best result.

Glass of the Best Fireplace Doors

Sheet metals that are coated with brass or another metal get tarnished really soon. On other hand, higher-end products that are made from good material are flexible and can fit into a larger variety of fireplaces quite easily.

4. Glass

The glass of the screen helps keep the spark inside.

Some manufacturers include a mesh door for extra convenience. Regardless of what mesh frame you use, make sure the screen is made of tempered glass. Tempered glasses are more energy-efficient and definitely a better purchase to invest in.  

Top Questions About Fireplace Doors

What Is The Difference Between Masonry And Prefab Fireplaces?

Masonry fireplaces are usually built during the construction of your house. They require a brick or stone chimney to operate and are usually made of clay, rock, brick, or glass.

Prefab fireplace, on the other hand, is factory-built and needs a steel pipe chimney to operate. They are also called “Zero-clearance” fireplaces as they usually have little clearance to combustible materials inside your house.

Is It Better To Keep Fireplace Doors Open Or Closed?

It’s a better idea to keep the door open. Oxygen is an important factor in burning fire. If the door stays open, there’s a better chance of airflow happening, which in turn, makes your fire burn longer.

How Do You Measure Fireplace Glass Screens?

You need 2 measurements for this purpose: Height and Width.

To measure the height correctly, take a tape and write down the height of the opening from the hearth to the top part of the opening.

For width, you need to measure the width of the top and the bottom portion of the fireplace.

Should I Keep The Damper Of The Fireplace Closed Always?

Should I Keep The Damper Of The Fireplace Closed Always?

No, you must keep it open while the fire is burning. The damper should be kept open until all the embers are done burning out. This action will help stop the warm air from going out of the chimney from your house.

Final Words

Want to bring a new level of style to your interior?

Adding a quality door to your fireplace might do the trick!

Door designs come in different styles, colors, and varieties. But getting the best fireplace doors not only adds more warmth to your space, but it also fits right in with your comfort and personality!

Hopefully, our article has helped find you such a fireplace screen that offers coziness, protects your loved ones, and helps make beautiful moments together.

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